Grey Lynn’s last kava club | STILL HERE S2 | Episode 4

“The strength of the Tongan culture is in the kava.”

Tonga's underwater volcano might still be erupting

A team of NIWA scientists say the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano may still be erupting.

‘Tonga still needs our help’: NZ artists band together in online concert fundraiser, Project Ofa

Local artists will be performing in the online fundraiser on Friday March 18 from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Turns out Tonga’s internet outage can be fixed by Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites

An update on the island's ongoing efforts to restore stable communications.

What we know about Tonga’s volcanic eruption and how you can help

“Can you hear that? That’s not rain, that’s fucking rocks coming down from the volcano,” says 'Ila, who saw the volcanic eruption and tsunami from Tonga’s…

Our 10 most popular videos of 2021 for you to binge on holiday

We've rounded up our ten most popular videos you can binge when you need a break from the sun, the family conspiracy theorist, or just recharge…

Back at Polyfest after two years

"Coming here now, we see everybody out here, celebrating, in different costumes and designs"

In photos: living with a mother with dementia

Tāmaki Makaurau-based photographer Todd Henry captured these photos of his mother-in-law, Nisi, who lives with dementia. The images show love, care and all the little details…

Filipe Manu is bringing Tongan music to the London opera

Filipe Manu never imagined he’d be an opera singer, let alone performing for the Royal Opera House in London at just 27 years old, but that’s…

How rugby turned Tina into Tina the Tongan Tank | The Outliers

“They call me Tina the Tongan Tank...Once I have the ball, everyone knows that Tina is going to carry.” Tina Maota’tane is a 22-year-old playing for the…

Kava groups are continuing online during lockdown

Kava groups have long depended on face-to-face connection. Now they're uncovering new possibilities.

In lockdown in Tonga, one of the last countries in the world without Covid-19

Tonga is one of the last countries in the world without Covid-19. As a small island nation, Tonga doesn't have the resources that larger countries have,…

A mum and daughter ask: what does it mean to be a "proper Tongan girl"?

"Our girls, we have to make sure they stay a virgin." Kesaia's mum Liliani wanted to raise her in New Zealand as a "proper Tongan girl".…

One Couple, Two Cultures: In Photos

It might seem strange in 2019 to write an article about cross-cultural relationships. But even today, many of us still partner up within our own culture.

Tonga’s hip hop group, The Onion Squad

Say malo e lelei to The Onion Squad! This self-taught hip hop crew have been adopted by Aotearoa so their dancing careers can continue to thrive.…