The Government wants to pay you 20c for every bottle you recycle

Compost collection for every home and a bottle buy-back scheme are part of the proposed changes.

Fashion brands like Kate Sylvester and Ruby may not be as sustainable as you think

Glassons and Juliette Hogan did not follow labelling rules, a consumer protection group says.

‘I’m using petrol until it runs out’: The problem with car culture in NZ

Will our car culture stop us from meeting our climate goals?

New report reveals which clothing brands are unsustainable

Where do your clothes come from, and how are they made?

Why we made Milk and Money, our documentary series about dairy

Milk and Money is a six-part documentary series by Re: investigating New Zealand’s dairy industry.

NZ households throw out $23 of food a week each

We’re chucking out 8.6 percent of our groceries each week - mostly fruit and veg.

Here's 10 of the best sustainable, non-problematic outfits from Splore

You could be forgiven for thinking the theme for this year’s Splore Festival was ‘Wear a Rain Poncho, But Make it Sexy’.
But it was actually ‘Infinity’,…


This Wellington startup has a solution for the takeaway containers we keep throwing away
Every Friday, Sarah Booher would bike around the corner to pick up takeaways…

Should Kiwis feel guilty for wanting to fly?

Do you want to explore the world but worry what it will do to your carbon footprint? Same.

I recently booked flights to travel to South Korea…

Why don't companies have to pay for the waste their packaging produces?

Manufacturers are getting a free ride by making New Zealanders pay for the disposal of their plastic packaging, an environmental group says.Last year I bought three…

Sustainable Coastlines

What happens to a piece of litter on Auckland's busy Queen Street? This. ??

Camp Glenorchy

Welcome to Camp Glenorchy, the world's first fully sustainable camping ground. Opening in March 2018, this clean, green camp site is bound to inspire people to…