Why is bi still hard for people to buy?

For those of us who identify as ‘B’, it’s painfully obvious that our letter may as well be silent. 

  • 23 Sep 22

Boundaries, communication, and jealousy: What it’s like being polyamorous

Re: wanted to know what the biggest misconceptions around polyamory are, what it’s like being in a polyamorous relationship and how people cope with jealousy. 

We spoke…

Conversion therapy will be banned, with sentence of up to 5 years’ imprisonment

“There are so many people that will have their lives changed because of this.”

Growing up trans in rural NZ: My first school ball

"I’ve always known who I am.”

Should straight people go to gay bars | School for Straights

“For some people, these safe spaces like clubs are their only spaces."

New resource helps Christian schools support rainbow students

The booklet explains how the Bible can be understood in rainbow-affirming ways.

  • 15 Jun 21

Why are straight men scared of their own butts? | School For Straights

“If your prostate isn’t being stimulated, you’re only getting half the orgasm.”

It’s now easier for gay men to donate blood, as long as you haven't had sex recently

As long as you haven’t had sex in the last three months.

  • 14 Dec 20

Decolonising gender and sexuality in Wellington city

Te Whanganui-a-Tara, political hub of Aotearoa and a city that carries the rep of being home to individuals all free to express themselves. This was the…

How burlesque helps break down the rules of gender

"Wearing heels makes my legs bulge and my muscles ripple in ways that they don't in flat shoes. I feel more masculine." We visit burlesque dancer…

Queer Portraits of Auckland

Becki Moss is a photographer and visual storyteller with a background in environmental science, psychology and medical science. Her photo project Queer Portraits of Auckland captures…

Backstage on a giddy night at the Pride Gala

We handed Freya Finch, the director of OurGala, and Hugo Grrrl, drag king and effervescent MC of the night, a disposable camera each to take photos…

A queer beauty pageant that’s moving away from just looking good

We spoke to one of the finalists of Mr Gay New Zealand, Shaneel Lal, about how appearances are judged in the gay community, his advocacy and…

  • 04 Feb 20

Exploring queer identity through stripping

"Honey is soft, Honey is sweet," and Honey is a performer at Bodyhaus, a collective of queer strippers. Honey AKA Logan Collis talks about undermining the…

‘What we are is enough’: the fight to ban conversion therapy in NZ

Sexual diversity and gender fluidity are nothing new in Aotearoa, they’ve always been around.
New Zealand is currently debating whether or not gay conversion therapy should be…

Australia says YES to same-sex marriage

We travelled to Melbourne, Victoria to talk to Australians in and out of the LGBTQIA community about the same-sex marriage postal survey and the YES result…