“If your prostate isn’t being stimulated, you’re only getting half the orgasm.”

Almost every gay man has explored the wonders of their anus - but why not straight people? Both straight and gay men have the same anatomy, but it's mostly gay men who explore the use of their anus during sex. Comedian James Malcolm is here to rectify this situation with the help of anal expert Blaise Clotworthy and certified heterosexual man Paul Douglas.

Straight people have a lot to learn when it comes to sex, love, dating and life - but the queer community have it sussed. School for Straights is our new series where straight people learn valuable things from the queer community.

This story is part of Re:'s Pleasure Week. See here for more stories about pleasure and sex, from bridging the pleasure gap between women and men, to kākāpō sex helmets.

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