Matiu Hamuera

5 lessons from interviewing 100 indigenous wāhine

Qiane Matata-Sipu shares 5 lessons from interviewing 100 indigenous wāhine.

Celebrating Eid in NZ: Fashion, food and family

"Everyone wears the nicest clothes they have or they’ll buy new outfits or dress however they want."

Gen Z is drinking less than previous generations but still binge drinking

The trend is being found among rangatahi across many countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada.

What Māori comedy means to these 5 funny wāhine

“Māori just are funny because we are Māori and it’s built into our culture already.”

Inside Whangamōmona: NZ’s micro-republic

“There was a goat that was president.”

Austria returns stolen remains of Māori and Moriori ancestors after 133 years

“It's quite [an] emotional and significant experience.”

The Covid-19 pandemic may have changed our personalities, new study finds

Traits that took a small dip included extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

Climate activist Txai Suruí on indigenous solutions to saving our planet

“It is not enough just to protect the forest, we have to give back to her what we took from her."

Face value: The petition to remove the Monarchy from our money

"We've got a couple of years now to figure out what symbols represent us as a country.”

Māori weather presenter Te Rauhiringa Brown reacts to public feedback

Te Rauhiringa Brown is a reporter at TVNZ and since July, she been presenting the weather.

A behind the scenes look at the actual Māori Language Petition

The Māori student groups took two years to collect 30,000 signatures.

Nau mai ki Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022

Welcome to Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

Police issue MDMA warning after 20-year-old dies in Christchurch

Urgent call for people to test their drugs after serious incidents

Asking people what cosmetic surgery they would get if it was free

"Probably Botox. You know, uni stress - frown lines."

NZ firefighters walk off for an hour for better pay and working conditions

At least 2000 professional firefighters across Aotearoa will be walking off the job today.

How to approach WINZ if you need financial support

Beneficiary advocates share their tips

You can catch Covid-19 twice in one month: Reinfection explained

“As long as we have more than one variant circulating, there will be a risk of reinfection.”

‘You’re not going to get a job in te reo Māori’: 3 people who proved this wrong

Today we are seeing the fruits of sacrifices whānau have made in order to save the language.

1 in 6 NZers have experienced homelessness, new study finds

The research also found 27% of New Zealanders struggle to make ends meet at least once a month.

‘The best version of yourself takes time’: Rangatahi inspiring change in NZ

"Whatever you think you can shine light on in this forever changing world, just do it."

Taranaki father on why living rurally doesn’t save him money

“The system that so desperately wants people off the system was trapping us in the system.”

Today marks the start of Matariki as the stars rise

Today Matariki reappeared in the dawn sky, signaling the beginning of the Māori New Year.

It’s 2022, do queer people still need to come out?

‘It was more about me accepting and embracing myself fully’

  • 13 Jun 22

86% of people are tricked by this optical illusion, are you?

It's black and blue to me. Wait, wrong one.

‘Most the kids have uncles that are blackpowers’: Growing up in Pātea

Re: talked to two teens growing up in the town behind NZ's greatest ever tune, 'Poi E'.

These teens want gender neutral bathrooms in all NZ high schools

“I have to disgender myself when I can’t use a gender neutral bathroom.”

  • 07 Jun 22

Covid update June 3: 6,232 new cases, 14 deaths

Cases of Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 are now in the community.

How to compliment someone's outfit in Sāmoan, reconnecting with roots

"The survival of the language and culture is in our day-to-day living."