Six60 beat Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber for NZ’s most streamed artist

For a second year in a row, Six60 is NZ's most streamed artist on Spotify.

Talking about OCD with BENEE

“I'm just constantly counting and it got really annoying. At one point, I was counting pumps of face cleanser, and I was just like, Oh, God,…

Stirfryboyz x Taebz share a song for your next late-night drive through the city

Re: chats with the boyz about their new song and music video ‘Metropolis.’

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Musicians Martin Phillipps & Semisi Maiai catch up to talk about ghosts & the bond that bands have.

Our favourite music by NZ artists in 2020

A list of our favourite songs by artists in Aotearoa in 2020.

Muslim rapper Abrzy travels to Bangladesh to make sense of his home in Aotearoa | The Outliers

Abid Rahman - stage name Abrzy - is a rapper living in Wellington. We travel with him to the city he was born in, Dhaka, Bangladesh,…

We ranked celebrities on their basketball skills

Pop star BENEE and politicians Chlöe Swarbrick and David Seymour were among the celebrities who participated in a charity basketball game at Spark Arena on Thursday…

Social media can be a new form of justice for survivors of sexual assault

What are the legal ramifications of online justice, both for those who post and the accused?

Stan or Not Stan with Stan Walker

Stan Walker gives his verdict on legalising cannabis, mullets and Daddy Bloomfield.

Benee's bandmates on the hunt for the next pop star

Tiare Kelly and Dylan Clark play guitar and bass for one of New Zealand’s biggest pop stars, Benee, at the same time as being third-year music…

Melodownz turned self-affirmations into a catchy hook

During a rough time in his life, Melodownz repeated positive affirmations to himself in the mirror. Then he realised the mantras made a pretty sweet hook.…

Sound Check: Merk carries on

We check in with artists who were on the verge of breakthroughs - before a global pandemic happened.

Re:hearsal Room: Lachie Hayes

Southland musician Lachie Hayes talks blues, cowboy movies, and how locals in the old days had to make their own entertainment... so they became musicians.


What happens when you get a bunch of roots reggae, raggamuffin, RnB, and Hip Hop artists together? You get Runtingz. The collective of artists are selling…