Musicians Martin Phillipps (The Chills) and Semisi Maiai (Marlin’s Dreaming) come from different musical generations but share a hometown, musical influences, and have even shared stages as their careers have criss-crossed. They catch up by the fireplace at Dunedin’s (potentially haunted) Larnach Castle to talk about ghosts, the bond that bands have, and how mums of the world should be every band’s target audience.

  • Marlin’s Dreaming performs The Chills' iconic 1984 single 'Pink Frost'.
  • The Chills performs Marlin’s Dreaming’s 'I’ll Stick By You' from the band’s 2018  EP Talk On/ Commic

Marlin’s Dreaming are on tour throughout Aotearoa in November for their new album Hasten.

Under Cover is a series where musicians meet to talk life and music in their unexpected new Covid-era reality. The conversation is followed by a musical performance where the artists cover their favourite song from the others’ back catalogue.

Made with the support of NZ On Air 

With very special thanks to Larnach Castle 

Produced by Banished Music.
Directors: Reuben Bonner, Tim Flower (Marlin’s Dreaming performance)
Series Producer: Reuben Bonner
Producer: Maddie Walker
Director of Photography: Tim Flower
Editor: Josh Yong
Camera Operator: Scott Mouat
Sound Recordists: Thomas Bell / Michael Hall 
Colourist/Graphics: The Post Office | Steve Gulik
Sound Mix: Native Audio | Jordan Smith
Production Assistant: Tara Acland 

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