We celebrate wāhine who choose to challenge the status quo

It’s International Women’s Day so Re: has rounded up our best stories of women kicking ass.

This group is helping men heal their own violence

New Zealand Police investigate a domestic violence case every four minutes. The members of Tauawhi Men's Centre in Gisborne are working to overcome this problem…

Yes, Tiger King is misogynist, but there’s more to it.

The men in Tiger King couldn’t hate women more if they tried, argues Jean Sergent. But our obsession with whether Carol Baskin killed her husband is…

Podcast: Four wāhine kōrero about how they found their voice

The theme of the night was 'How I found my voice'.

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, activist and artist Qiane Matata-Sipu, Kāpiti Coast district councillor and Strike 4…

Our favourite quotes from wāhine at our International Women’s Day event

We threw a party to celebrate International Women’s Day, along with our mates The Oh Nine, and asked four powerful wāhine how they found their voice.…

7 questions with The Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood

"Some of the states in the United States have gone all the way to Gilead, pretty much." Margaret Atwood was in NZ for a speaking tour,…

“Righteous and Confident”: Being 18 in New Zealand Today

Classic coming-of-age tales used to include some combination of driving, sex, first loves, alcohol and arguing with your parents. But what would the story motifs be…

The trans-exclusionary movement gaining power in NZ

The trans-exclusionary movement has been quietly growing in New Zealand, and this highly-organised campaign has led to deep hurt in the trans community.

In February, a new…

Ina Malama is smashing toxic masculinity with soft pastel tones

Ina Malama is a burgeoning Kiwi fashion designer dressing guys up in delicious colour palettes. Her outfits will have you looking like an urbane Fabergé egg…

Re:visit - The sports awards that refused to let women in

Imagine being nominated for an award... and being barred from the awards ceremony. Helen Dash was nominated for Sportsman of the Year for her achievements in…

Pussy Riot bring punk protest performance to NZ

Pussy Riot: A punk collective doing political art protest. Who is behind the colourful balaclavas sparking uproar in their mother Russia, and attention the world over…

The art of reclamation

'Sticks and stones...' may be a nice sentiment but sometimes it's just not true. Now, from 'bitch' to 'queer' people are reclaiming these words, turning one…

Charmaine Smith - Full time cop and rugby player.

Charmaine Smith keeps our streets safe as a full-time cop AND represents Aotearoa in the Black Ferns. We struggle to get out of bed on a…

Inventing ice cream flavours for a living

Liv dreams up delectable ice cream... and gets paid for it! The self-confessed peanut butter lover is behind one of Aotearoa's most delicious ice creams

Cricketer by choice, physio by necessity

Anlo plays a level of cricket that would mean she'd be a professional... if she was a man. Instead, she's also a physiotherapist to make…

Waimangaroa Fire Station's Senior Firefighter is a 20 year old woman

Waimangaroa Fire Brigade is a real whānau affair for 20-year-old Carmen, who's the senior firefighter at the tiny West Coast town's volunteer service alongside her Mum…

Medusa - 4th Wave Feminism

Snakes for hair and a stoney glare, meet the theatre makers using Medusa as muse to empower and revitalise feminism in Aotearoa.

Brekfist: Power

Saraid and Johanna are serving up a hot plate of power this morning! When do you feel most powerful?

Intersectional Feminism

Discrimination happens almost everywhere, even within already-marginalised groups. In this video, Saraid talks to us about intersectional feminism - a feminism for everyone.

Women inventors

From Kevlar to cookies - here's a look at some of the greatness that has come from the minds of women.

Amazing NZ women

From politicians to pilots, there's no shortage of amazing wāhine hailing from the Land of the Long White Cloud ?here are just a few...

Being a woman in performing arts

Hannah and Ellie May share their experiences with sexism in the world of performing arts ?

The worst part

Is the worst part about being a woman dealing with men?

The pink tax

How much do you pay on health and beauty products each month? Holli and Nick took to the aisles and compared baskets ??

What's in a name

Why change your name just 'cause you're married?

NZ's suffragettes

2018 marked the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in Aotearoa. Let's keep leading the charge!

Paving the way for women in politics: Elizabeth Yates

In 1893 Elizabeth Yates was elected the mayor of Onehunga, making her the first female mayor under the British Crown ????

Abortion Referendum: Ireland Decides

Ireland is a country divided. On the 25th of May the Irish will vote on whether to repeal the 8th amendment, a law prohibiting almost…

Nancy Wake: The Kiwi spy who evaded Nazis

Nancy Wake was Number One on the Nazi Secret Police's most wanted list. We take a look at the Kiwi the SS called: The White Mouse.