Māori celebrate Matariki in Australia

Ohinga visited the first Matariki festival on the Gold Coast.

Building a Sydney marae: Our culture must thrive in another land

“We are told from our people, we need this.”

New Zealand to resettle 150 refugees a year from Australia

An almost decade-old offer from New Zealand is finally being agreed to by Australia.

Why the end of Sydney’s 107-day lockdown matters to Aotearoa

Sydney is navigating a world of vaccine passports that looks similar to our alert level 2.

NZ has the highest trust in scientists out of 12 countries including the US, UK, and Australia…

This means as a country we are more compliant with Covid-19 precaution measures.

Trans-Tasman bubble suspended for 8 weeks

The trans-Tasman bubble just got suspended for another eight weeks.

Covid-19 Updates: June 2021

The latest on the Covid situation.

Sexual assault laws changing to require consent in NSW

The new model means a person must do or say something to affirm consent before sex occurs. In New Zealand, laws governing consent only stipulate when…

It’s official, we can now fly to Australia quarantine-free

The trans-Tasman bubble is officially open.

Today marks the first day New Zealanders and Australians can travel across the ditch quarantine-free. It is the first time New…

Quarantine-free travel with Australia to start in two weeks

On April 19, travellers from Australia will no longer need to quarantine.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the two-way trans-Tasman bubble on Tuesday afternoon. 

Officially, it starts at…

People tell us the best thing to come out of 2020

Despite wildfires, pandemics and WAP there were some good things to come out of 2020.

We can’t keep treating indigenous knowledge as a backup plan

Australia is on fire and the seas that surround Aotearoa are rising. Why are we waiting for a climate crisis to listen to indigenous knowledge?  
Despite only…

What is a fire tornado?

The bushfires in Australia are giving us incomprehensible statistics, such as 7 million hectares burned and 1 billion animals killed. They are also delivering the rare…

How are the Australian bushfires affecting our air quality?

Australia has been batting bushfires since late July 2019. With the monumental scale of the fires, what impact is it having on our air quality?

Who are Rohingya refugees and why is their country going to court for genocide?

The UN calls the Rohingya "the most persecuted minority in the world." Although they have lived in the land now known as Myanmar for hundreds of…

Kiwi gamers make their mark at IEM Sydney 2019

Meet some of the Kiwi gamers making a name for themselves overseas. From part-time passion to full time employment, watch as the esports industry continues to…

Explaining NZ's gun laws

The terrorist attack in Christchurch left many wondering how this could have been allowed to happen in New Zealand. It seems some of the blame lay…

Are we a nation of sheep shaggers?

To be honest, we're sick of the name calling. We investigate the (seemingly) life-long accusation of being sheep shaggers

PornHub Quiz

How do you think we stack up against our Australian neighbours when it comes to watching porn? All this and more in our porn habits quiz...

Australia says YES to same-sex marriage

We travelled to Melbourne, Victoria to talk to Australians in and out of the LGBTQIA community about the same-sex marriage postal survey and the YES result…