Mandy Te

NZ high schoolers open up about sexual assault on social media

There are calls for mandatory consent education in NZ.

Fight to lower voting age to 16 will head to Supreme Court

A date is yet to be set but Make It 16 will be heading to the Supreme Court.

Parents are the fifth biggest home loan lenders in New Zealand

Parents are dishing out $22.6 billion in loans to adult children, according to Consumer NZ.

Disabled NZers put at risk during Omicron, inquiry finds

30 organisations and networks provided information to the inquiry.

Welcome to Belief Week

Re: News Editor Mandy Te outlines our coverage and shares what belief means for some people.

Nearly half of New Zealanders say they have no religion

Only 29.6 percent of New Zealanders identified with no religion in the 2001 census.

NZ to move to Orange traffic light setting tonight: Covid-19

New Zealand will be moving from Red to the Orange traffic light setting from 11.59pm tonight. 

Greens, student unions launch student wellbeing inquiry

"Poverty isn’t a rite of passage. It’s a political decision," Chlöe Swarbrick says.

63% of NZers hold at least one antisemitic view, new study finds

Seventeen percent of people surveyed say they know ‘virtually nothing’ about the Holocaust.

Vaccine passes, scanning in and some mandates removed: Covid-19 changes

Vaccine mandates for education, police and defence workforces will be dropped from April 4.

The day after: Parliament protest

Parliament grounds are closed but police say locals are free to move about nearby streets.

Fire on Parliament grounds, 60 arrested as Police remove protestors

Police have demolished tents and cleared the grounds.

Aotearoa to move to phase three of Omicron plan

This comes as the country’s daily case numbers are steadily increasing.

Person arrested after trying to drive car into police during anti-mandate protest

Three officers need medical care after being sprayed with an unknown substance by protesters.

Omicron will keep going until it can't find any new people to infect, expert says

With Long Covid and lasting impacts - no, it's not a good idea to try to get Omicron.

What do I do if I’m a close contact: Your Omicron questions answered

We explain phase two of New Zealand’s Omicron plan.

‘I was scared they were going to rip my mask off’: Teens nervous to walk to school past…

Teenagers are scared to walk to school in Wellington as thousands of people from all over the country have been protesting outside of Parliament since Monday.


Tougher mask rules, increase in Covid-19 testing capacity

New mask rules means no more scarves, bandanas or t-shirts pulled up over the nose.

Female dolphins enjoy sex, and their clitorises aren’t that different from ours

Do female dolphins enjoy having sex? American researchers decided to find out by looking at the clitorises of female dolphins. 

Scientists know that dolphins are highly social.…

Wild weather is on the way as Cyclone Cody comes to NZ

If you're hoping for a weekend swim, you may be out of luck.

Covid update Jan 13: 28 community cases

A technical error which delayed Covid tracer app notifications has been fixed.

Fashion brands like Kate Sylvester and Ruby may not be as sustainable as you think

Glassons and Juliette Hogan did not follow labelling rules, a consumer protection group says.

Covid-19: Govt introduces plan to minimise risk of Omicron

New measures are in place to keep Omicron out of the community for as long as possible.

Court dismisses case about lowering the voting age to 16 in NZ

Teenagers under the age of 18 can join the army, work, drive, pay taxes and leave home - so why can’t they vote? 

That’s a question being…