Welcome to Re:’s Fashion and Beauty Week. Re: News Editor Mandy Te outlines our coverage.

About 80 billion new pieces of clothes are produced globally every year. 

The fashion and beauty industry is a multi-million dollar industry with fast fashion companies like Shein - which make money by selling as many clothes for as cheap as possible - raking in $15.7 billion in 2021

These types of fashion companies are raising issues around human rights, workers’ rights and environmental degradation at a time where people are struggling with a cost of living crisis. 

There are no easy solutions that’ll help everyone which makes fashion and beauty so complex. 

And that’s why Re: is dedicating a week to all things fashion and beauty. 

From your political beliefs, religious affiliations to your cultural background - fashion and beauty lets us express who we are to the rest of the world. 

To kick off the week, we’ll have a photo essay which features three gender diverse New Zealanders who share their favourite clothing items with us

On Tuesday we’ll have a video from our reo Māori series Ohinga that looks at second hand shopping

And we’ll also have a story written by Re: contributor Beth Teklezgi on how four Black women in New Zealand are embracing their hair. There’s also some beautiful photos to go along with this piece, all taken by Re: contributor Renati Waaka. 

On Wednesday we’re looking into rural fashion and what it says about New Zealand culture

We’re also bringing back a story that Re: journalist Maggie Shui wrote in May about how lip fillers are becoming more common in New Zealand, and exploring the impact of this. 

The next day we have a video where Re: journalist Matiu Hamuera asked people on the street what cosmetic surgery, if any, they would get if it was free. 

PSA: Whether you’ve had surgery or not, your body is yours. Show it love in whichever way it makes sense to you. 

On Friday we’ll have a video where people tell us how much their outfits cost and on Saturday, we’ll have a video by Re: contributor Tom Levesque who spoke to Mistry Frequency about their clothes. 

We’ll end the week explaining fast fashion. We’ll also take a look at skincare routines and we bring back Re:’s guide to sunscreen - just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you should stop slip, slop, slapping. 

We will update this page throughout the week as our stories roll out.

We hope the stories you read, hear and watch from Fashion and Beauty Week will inspire and interest you.

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