How I learnt to wear traditional cultural clothing in a gender-affirming way

"I don’t see why the two have to be separate."

Asking people how much their outfit costs

"We love a thrifty queen."

Welcome to Fashion Week

Here's what you need to know about our fashion and beauty coverage for this week.

We challenged fast fashion addicts to find an op shop fit in 10 mins

“Looking like a million bucks for a dollar."

With op shop prices on the rise, second hand clothing becomes controversial

We look into the for and against argument of thrift flipping

Fashion brands like Kate Sylvester and Ruby may not be as sustainable as you think

Glassons and Juliette Hogan did not follow labelling rules, a consumer protection group says.

Lockdown has helped fuel the second hand shopping industry

Lockdown doesn't mean we have to give up second hand shopping

The anti-snob vintage fashion store in Auckland | The Outliers

“If you don’t dress a certain way, they don’t think that you have the money to spend in their store and it’s hurtful. We don’t want…

Ethical Fashion Guide

When you grab something from the rack do you think about who made it, how it was made or where it came from? We take a…

Should you replace or repair?

Fast fashion has rendered many of us strangers to the humble art of sewing. Enter Jessica Hunter, who's stepping off Project Runway for a hot minute…

What is a hypebeast?

Aiden from Parlour explains exactly what a hypebeast is and why people queue for hours for the latest gear ???

Aunty Dana's - an op shop for trans and gender minority people

Aunty Dana's Op Shop wants everyone to feel comfortable and not just in their clothes. Shopping for some members of the LGBTQIA+ community can be a…

Vintage Fashion

The Very Vintage Day Out is an event where lovers of all things vintage get together. We went and had a nosey to see what all…

Hood Fashion - How to look fly with Boomer Tha God

Let us take you from 0% - 100% fly in under 5 minutes. This is Hood Fashion with SWIDT's Boomer tha God AKA The Savemart King…