Just in time for international masturbation month, Re: has rounded up all of our pleasure stories from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy. 

When life gets busy or tough, pleasure is often the first thing we stop making time for. Whether it's settling for a tick-the-box kind of root (or no root at all) or cutting down on the time we spend alone doing things that make us feel good. 

But don’t worry, we have you covered. 

Fun with butts | School for Straights

“If your prostate isn’t being stimulated, you’re only getting half the orgasm.”

Almost every gay man has explored the wonders of their anus - but why not straight people? Both straight and gay men have the same anatomy, but mostly gay men explore the use of their anus during sex. Comedian James Malcolm is here to rectify this situation with the help of anal expert Blaise Clotworthy and certified heterosexual man Paul Douglas.

This is the first episode of School for Straights, our new series where straight people learn valuable things from the queer community.

"The first time I realised porn wasn't like sex was the first time I had sex."

In the second episode of One For The Boys, our new series about masculinity, we take a look at how young guys navigate the world of porn. 

We meet porn performer Vixen Temple who lets us know how it’s made, and friends Phillip, Liam and Teowai talk about their own experiences. We also spend time at a high school where students get education around porn.  

One for the Boys is a documentary, article and photo series about masculinity in Aotearoa today. We look at what it means to be a man, and how and why that’s changing.

"Sex can be one of the most profound joys of life. However, too many straight women aren’t reaching their potential for sexual pleasure. Why is there a pleasure gap between straight women and men, and how do we close it?"

In this article, Re: journalist Maggie Shui investigates why men struggle to make women orgasm in the bedroom, and how and why that needs to change.

“Whenever we use sexuality as a place for our own healing and growth, we carry this freedom in our voice, this confidence in our boundaries, this safety in our bodies.”

In this video, we follow the individual journeys of four women trying to reclaim their sexual pleasure by examining their vulnerabilities and drawing strength from them.

Sirocco the kākāpō wouldn’t stop shagging people’s heads. So one clever DOC worker came up with a potential solution...a sex helmet.

In this video, we meet Department of Conservation vet Kate McInnes who created the helmet to collect Sirocco’s sperm and try to save the species. 

“Handwriting is a big turn on - I think I have a fetish for handwriting."

Scarlett is a hopeless romantic with a fetish for handwritten love letters. But when she sends these love letters to the women she likes, they aren’t received very well at all. Still, she says the love letter will never expire.

Have you ever immediately felt a wave of disgust after finishing to a porn video?

Re: journalist Baz Macdonald digs into how uni students interpret post-nut clarity, and the impact they think it has on our culture.

“It can be hard to meld your normal nine-to-five self with your sexual self. It’s a different beast,” one person said.

When writer Daniel Smith read on the objectively reputable source SaucyDates.com that New Zealand men are the world’s worst rooters - he felt the sting of a personal attack. So he went searching for answers as to why, and how he could do better.

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