Women's Rights

Why I had an abortion: Young NZers share their stories

Despite abortion being decriminalised, it remains a divisive topic in New Zealand.

Iran protests: ‘This is bravery and power personified’

In Farsi we call them shir zan. Lion women.

How NZ politicians reacted to Roe v Wade ruling

A National MP deleted a “distressing” post.

Protest-free ‘safe zones’ now legal outside abortion clinics

The proposed law passed its third reading in Parliament on Wednesday evening.

‘I could have been her, or could be next time’. A disability researcher on Lena Zhang Harrap’s death

Lena Zhang Harrap’s death has reignited conversations about violence in Aotearoa.

Thousands of women injured during childbirth will be covered by ACC under proposed changes

The Government today announced plans for maternity healthcare improvements

Workplace Bullying in Aotearoa

Bullying doesn't just happen in the schoolyard, it seems workplace bullying can also be an everyday occurrence. These personal stories have opened our eyes and it's…

Abortion Referendum: Ireland Decides

Ireland is a country divided. On the 25th of May the Irish will vote on whether to repeal the 8th amendment, a law prohibiting almost…

Who pays on the first date?

Who should pay on the first date?

Why is abortion under the Crimes Act in New Zealand?

Abortion is under the Crimes Act in New Zealand, with women having to jump through hoops in order to legally have one. Lara shares her story…