Toxic Masculinity

How a film about getting hit in the balls is tackling toxic masculinity

“I think boys and men both just struggle with being open in general."

I’m a stay-at-home dad. It doesn’t affect my masculinity

"My gender didn’t suddenly retreat to some masculine polarity the moment I met my daughter."

In photos: What men feeling safe to be sensual looks like

“There was this really interesting sense of masculinity, but also complete vulnerability.”

Eleven stories that teach us what masculinity really means

We've rounded up a bunch of stories that show us what it means to be a man.

Why tough men find it hard to hug

What does it mean to be a man in New Zealand? It's a heady topic to unpack. Perhaps most popularly, the idea of being a man…

Love you bro, no homo: talking about closeness between guys

“Bro rub some sunscreen on my back, no homo.”

Why are some guys uncomfortable holding each other’s hands or sleeping in the same bed? And why is…

Toxic masculinity makes it difficult for Pacific men to be vulnerable

“Tough like an armour truck, the only medicine I know, harden up!”

Our One for the Boys series is here. Check out the release party.

Re: celebrated the launch of our new masculinity series One for the Boys at the Grey Lynn Bowling Club in Auckland last night. 

There was pizza, laughs…

This group is helping men heal their own violence

New Zealand Police investigate a domestic violence case every four minutes. The members of Tauawhi Men's Centre in Gisborne are working to overcome this problem…

Ina Malama is smashing toxic masculinity with soft pastel tones

Ina Malama is a burgeoning Kiwi fashion designer dressing guys up in delicious colour palettes. Her outfits will have you looking like an urbane Fabergé egg…

What to do about our rape culture?

15% of New Zealanders think that if you're raped while drunk, you're partly responsible. To learn more about rape culture in Aotearoa, we spoke to Greta…

Chris Parker Talks about Toxic Masculinity

Chris Parker armed himself with several metaphors and unpacked why Kiwi men are known for being the strong, silent type and why that's not necessarily a…