Social Media

Instagram is limiting what political content you see

Here’s how you can turn the setting off

Analysis: Which political party is using TikTok best

TikTok isn't just for silly dance videos - it's a serious platform for political campaigning.

Using social media during a manic episode: two NZers share their experience

Research shows people with bipolar disorder are prone to risk-taking behaviour they later regret.

Nelson man arrested after editing teens’ pics, posting to adult sites

The man will appear in the Nelson District Court next Monday.

How health and wellness influencers became misinformation superspreaders

Influencers have played a significant role in the spread of Covid misinformation and members of the health and wellness community have been among the biggest superspreaders.…

‘It’s a fucking goat’: NZ’s top ten quotes of the year

Massey University has released the ten finalists for Quote of the Year, an annual competition ranking the funniest, most powerful, and memorable quotes of the year…

Here’s what we know about the Facebook outage this morning

The outage was the second biggest the company has experienced.

New Instagram settings designed to protect younger users

All Instagram accounts for those aged under 16 are now private by default.

I use social media to advocate for Māori rights

“We’re able to bring awareness to issues in a single minute.”

Rangatahi like Safari Hynes are using their online voice to bring awareness to kaupapa around Aotearoa…

How young men struggle with body image pressures | One For The Boys | Ep 4

A new bodybuilder and group of friends discuss body image struggles

Facebook wants you to read articles before sharing them

Facebook is testing a feature where users who haven’t read news stories are asked to before sharing.

Social media can be a new form of justice for survivors of sexual assault

What are the legal ramifications of online justice, both for those who post and the accused?


"Forced onto the job-seeker benefit while pregnant with cancer was a dehumanising traumatic experience." - We Are Beneficiaries is a social media project that aims to…

The Kiwi food photographer making an edible art sensation

Deep-fried iPhones, prisoners' last meals, and setting donuts alight is what we've come to expect from Henry Hargreaves photography. For this year's Wellington On a Plate,…

What is a hypebeast?

Aiden from Parlour explains exactly what a hypebeast is and why people queue for hours for the latest gear ???

The app combatting online bullying

Social media is all fun and games... until it gets personal. We catch up with Keryn, creator of ICON, the app enabling Kiwi teens to combat…

Tiny Portions - Meet the girl making meals... in miniature

Rose makes tiny food, but not in a fad-diet sort of way. Tiny Portions is her amazing art project that came about when Rose needed to…

NZ reality TV villains talk troll culture

Ben and Heather were thrust onto screens around the country this year and quickly found that a lot of NZ didn't really like them. We brought…

This small Wellington skincare business shares tips on how to survive the social media battlefield

Working in an industry heavily affected by social media influencers, Sara from Tailor shares some tips and tricks on what to look out for when looking…

Nana's Old Wise Tales #4 - Tinder

Watch Nana as she delivers some Grade A banter on Tinder ???

Gable Tostee's ex girlfriend

Gable Tostee's ex girlfriend details the social media storm that followed his murder trial.


"Forced onto the job-seeker benefit while pregnant with cancer was a dehumanising traumatic experience." - We Are Beneficiaries is a social media project that aims to…

  • 05 Feb 19

Cyber Bullying

While there are some age restrictions on games, cyber bullying in the realm of online gaming is prevalent. Through both text and voice chat, slurs of…

Claudia on positive mental health

Claudia received an overwhelming response when she started talking about her relationship with mental health online. That inspired her to start an Instagram account that was…


If any of your Instagram snaps feature #nature, try walking the walk and take up the #whanauchallenge to see if you can live a more sustainable…