No one had ever spoken to me about miscarriage. I’m talking about mine

"The loss of a pregnancy is the loss of a dream," writes Ataria Sharman.

Why Māori plant their whenua/placenta

A tikanga Māori birthing practitioner explains.

‘Infertility doesn’t discriminate’: 26-year-old shares IVF journey

“Only on an IVF journey do you get excited about having good eggs”.

1 in 4 new mums surveyed had never used contraception, NZ study reveals

Two in three new mums hadn’t discussed contraception with a health worker before getting pregnant.

Thousands of women injured during childbirth will be covered by ACC under proposed changes

The Government today announced plans for maternity healthcare improvements

Teens should get special contraception consults, study says

Researchers say contraceptives should be proactively offered to teenagers. 

The study Proactively Providing Contraception to New Zealand Adolescents from the University of Otago was published on Tuesday…

Most women literally tear during birth but only a fraction are funded for physio care

Many women experience health issues after giving birth, but only a fraction receive funded care.

These physios have developed a postnatal WOF because mums aren’t getting care

"It's the most life-changing thing bringing a baby into the world and we need to be healthy and at our best to make sure we can…

Fact or Fiction with The Vagina Physio

We sat down with Vagina Physio Caitlin Day to talk about how physiotherapy isn't just for indoor netball injuries - she gave us 10 questions she's…

The Vagina Physio

If you really think about it, periods, sex and childbirth bear a striking resemblance to extreme sports. There’s stress, endurance, pain, endorphins and usually there’s a…

The miracle baby born from a tough twin pregnancy

Tori’s pregnancy with her twins was a labour of love. Here she shares the amazing story of her miracle baby.