Māori youth are capturing climate change through photos

Professional photographers are paired with Māori youth in an effort to combat climate change

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Photographer Geoffery Matautia aked his friends what they're most looking forward to in summer.

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Every year at the start of Auckland’s Pride Festival, the city’s best-dressed get together for the opening night Gala. 

This year we went along and took some…

Reflect on 2020 with these haunting and beautiful photos

Rachel Mataira, 2019’s NZ Young Photographer of the Year captured a series of photographs from January to November 2020 which she says reflects the “abnormal”.

She even…

Observations of a rural nurse

Photographer Sara McIntyre has lived in the tiny town of Kākahi for the last ten years. She’s spent most of that time working as a district…

Seven people tell us how they're resetting 2020 this Matariki

Matariki, the Māori new year, begins on July 13th. How are we resetting?

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At 11:59pm on Wednesday, 25 March, New Zealand went into a nationwide lockdown. Here are some photos taken by Re: journalists of the scenes about town…

Snapshots of trash

“It’s really hard to ignore the issue of garbage and consumption when you’re laying in it”Photographer Gregg Segal turned the camera on himself and his family.…

Are selfies narcissism or art?

Is a selfie just the modern equivalent of a portrait or are we just too obsessed with ourselves these days? ?