Pacific Islands

People tell us how it feels to be at Pasifika Festival

“It feels like we're home. I feel full.”

Students tell us what polyfest means to them

The festival is back after a four year hiatus.

NZ’s one-way travel bubble with the Cook Islands has opened, but we can’t go there quite yet

The Cook Islands have never had a single Covid case or death.

Kava groups are continuing online during lockdown

Kava groups have long depended on face-to-face connection. Now they're uncovering new possibilities.

Release of the Week: Diggy Dupé turns a Niuean war chant into an exhilarating hip hop track

Since we’ve just entered a nationwide, 4-week long lockdown, Diggy Dupé briefly considered pushing his music video release for ‘Keke Boy’ a week later... but then…

The Solomon Islands skateboarding scene

Solomon Islands is a country made up of six main islands and over 900 smaller islands strung between Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, with a population…

Tuvalu as Tuvaluans want you to see it

From above, Fongafale—Tuvalu’s largest island—snakes across the Pacific, a surprise sight in a great expanse of blue. It measures 12km long and at its narrowest point…

How NZ caused a deadly pacific pandemic

84 years after influenza killed 22% of Samoa's population, New Zealand apologised for not doing more to protect Samoan citizens. So what actually happened in 1918?

New Zealand colonised the Pacific

Re: looks into the often contradicting relationship New Zealand has with Pacific Island nations.

Samoa's To Sua Ocean Trench

This week we're delving into the many realms of Pasifika, so what better way to start than diving into the stunning blue waters of To Sua,…

We are not victims, we are warriors.

Brianna is a warrior against climate change, travelling the globe to raise awareness and save not just her mighty Pacific home, but the world!

Global warming: Waiting for Pacific Islands to disappear

While our image is clean and green, our actions aren't following suit. All bar one of NZ's major political parties support the Zero Carbon Act but…