Covid-19 Nz

Covid is coming to Christmas. Here's how to keep safe

Last week there were more than 34,000 reported cases of Covid-19.

Nearly 1 in 5 of NZ’s Covid cases are reinfections

Only about 25% of eligible New Zealanders have had their third dose of the vaccine.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have changed our personalities, new study finds

Traits that took a small dip included extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

Pour one out: It's Ashley Bloomfield's final week in the job

Today was his 307th media stand up as he nears the end of his role as Director-General of Health.

Covid update June 7: 10,191 new cases, 14 deaths in two days

The seven-day rolling average of community cases today is 6,202.

Covid Update May 17: 9,843 community cases, 421 hospitalisations

Todays seven-day rolling average of community case numbers is 7,795 – last Tuesday it was 7,927.

Disabled NZers put at risk during Omicron, inquiry finds

30 organisations and networks provided information to the inquiry.

Covid update April 21: 10,294 cases, 18 deaths

There are 524 people currently in hospital with Covid-19.

Covid update April 19: 8,270 community cases, five deaths

The seven-day rolling average of case numbers continues to decline, with today's average at 7,585.

Australian tourists can visit NZ from April 13

From May, those from visa waiver countries and people with valid visitor visas can also come to NZ.

Covid update March 10: 21,015 cases, record high of 845 hospitalisations

There are now more people in hospital with Covid-19 than at any other point over the last two years.

Covid update March 8: 23,894 new cases

There are 756 people currently in hospital.

Peer pressure, confusion and scheduled toilet breaks: What it’s like isolating in a student hall

“Right now it feels like the university is deliberately gatekeeping information from us.”

Covid update March 1: 19,566 community cases, delay in processing 32,000 tests

About 9000 testing samples have been sent to Queensland to help clear the backlog.

Rushing back to exercise could cause long Covid

Being a couch potato could be your best defence.

Covid update Feb 26: 13,606 new cases, 263 people in hospital

The protest at Parliament is a 'potential super spreader event'.

Covid update February 22: 2846 community cases

More than 24,000 Covid-19 tests were administered yesterday.

Covid update Feb 14: 981 new cases

Monday February 14


New Zealand will move to phase 2 of our Omicron plan from 11:59pm tomorrow, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced at a post-cabinet press briefing…

Covid update February 8: 202 community cases

Over 1.6 million booster shots have now been administered.

Covid update Jan 31: 91 new cases, more cases linked to Soundsplash

Covid-19 cases in Tairāwhiti have been linked to Soundsplash festival.

Kids tell us why they got vaccinated

“I feel proud of myself for just getting it done,”