Covid 19 Nz

Covid update May 31: 8,436 new cases, 18 deaths

There have been an average of 14 deaths a day related to Covid-19 in the last seven days.

Covid update May 30: 5,836 new cases, 5 deaths

The seven-day rolling average of community case numbers today is 6,881 – last Monday, it was 7,712.

Ashley Bloomfield tests positive for Covid-19

There are 6,862 new cases of Covid-19 today and 25 deaths.

Covid update May 26: 7,591 community cases,16 deaths

The total number of active cases is 49,645.

Covid Update May 18: 9,570 community cases, 32 deaths

There are 425 people in hospital with 9 of those people in intensive care or high dependency units.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tests positive for Covid

She's one of 7,068 other new cases of Covid-19 today.

Covid update May 5: 8,609 new cases, 20 deaths

A person under 10, with Covid-19, has died.

Covid Update May 4: 8,454 new cases, person under age 10 dies

The person was one of 24 people with the virus who have recently died.

Covid update April 20: 11,217 cases, 547 people in hospital

There are 547 people in hospital with Covid-19, 14 of those people are in the ICU or HDU.

Covid update April 16: 13,636 new cases in last two days

The update covers Good Friday and today.

Covid update March 24: 18,423 community cases, 11 deaths

There are currently 913 people in hospital. 28 of these people are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update March 21: 14,463 new cases, 1000 people in hospital

9 people have died with Covid-19. The total number of publicly reported Covid-related deaths is 184.

Covid update March 14: 15,540 new cases, two deaths

952 people in hospital with the virus and two people with Covid-19 have died.

Covid Update March 11: 20,989 cases, seven deaths

Today marks the highest number of deaths reported in a single say since the start of the pandemic.

Covid update March 10: 21,015 cases, record high of 845 hospitalisations

There are now more people in hospital with Covid-19 than at any other point over the last two years.

Answering your Covid-19 booster questions

You had questions about the booster, so we got answers.

Covid update Feb 28: Unvaccinated people more commonly being hospitalised for Covid-19

Unvaccinated people are four-times overrepresented in Covid-19 hospitalisations.

Covid update February 23: New Zealand hits a record high with 3297 cases

This is the first time New Zealand's Covid-19 case numbers have passed 3000.

Covid parties or isolation: Flatters share personal pandemic plans as cases rise

We asked flatters to share their Personal Pandemic Plan, or as we like to call it, a ‘PPP’.

NZ scientists find solutions for the PPE waste crisis

The group hope that the innovations can help clean up the planet's medical waste.

Covid update Feb 14: 981 new cases

Monday February 14


New Zealand will move to phase 2 of our Omicron plan from 11:59pm tomorrow, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced at a post-cabinet press briefing…

Covid update Feb 1: 126 community cases

1.3 million booster shots have been administered to date.

Covid update Jan 31: 91 new cases, more cases linked to Soundsplash

Covid-19 cases in Tairāwhiti have been linked to Soundsplash festival.

Covid update Jan 29: 97 new community cases, 7 in hospital

Soundsplash festival linked to 39 cases so far. Attendees advised to get tested.

No wage subsidy for artists during red: 'Frightening and stressful'

Now that Aotearoa is in the Red traffic light setting, the arts industry has come to a grinding halt with events of more than 100 people…

Omicron is here, it's time to ditch cloth masks

“N95s can’t be washed, but you can reuse them,”

Hipkins defends unusually late announcement of the decision to pause next MIQ release

The decision comes after an 'unprecedented' number of Omicron cases have appeared at the border.