Climate change splitting up albatross couples

New research shows climate change is making it more likely for the usually monogamous albatross to leave their lifelong partners.

Led by Dr Francesco Ventura, the…

Bat wins Bird of the Year 2021 by a landslide

Pekapeka-tou-roa, the long-tailed bat, has taken the title of Te Manu Rongonui o te Tau 2021

Made My Day: Bats swoop in to disrupt NZ’s Bird of the Year race

A bat is now a candidate in this year’s Te Manu Rongonui o te Tau/Bird of the Year race

This man has spent 40 years looking for a probably extinct bird

We ask him about his beloved hobby he calls a “bong fix”.

Stop fkn tapping on the glass of kiwi enclosures, you're making them stressed

Surprise, surprise: new research has found visitor noise outside kiwi enclosures is no good.

The sex helmet that tried to save kākāpō

Sirocco the kākāpō wouldn’t stop shagging people’s heads. So one clever DOC worker came up with a potential solution...

After being raised by humans, Sirocco the kākāpō…

Why kea are being killed by lead poisoning on the West Coast

Kea are curious and clever native parrots who are known to steal tramping boots and peck at your car tyres. Unfortunately, they’ve recently been declared to…

Project Janszoon

It's estimated 65,000 native birds are killed by invasive species every night. Take a look at the project making incredible progress in saving the native fauna…

The 85-year-old bird whisperer nursing penguins back to health in Auckland

Not all heroes wear capes. Sylvia is 85 years old and cares for injured and lost birds, nursing them back to health.

Odd Jobs #2 - Stopping takahē incest

Yes, you read that right, this man works hard to stop takahē incest.