‘I could have been her, or could be next time’. A disability researcher on Lena Zhang Harrap’s death

Lena Zhang Harrap’s death has reignited conversations about violence in Aotearoa.

Lockdown can mean riskier drug use. Here's some advice to handle that

Right now, it’s more important than ever to have reliable information around safe drug use.

Covid update: Level 4 in place everywhere until 11.59pm Tuesday 24 August

Level 4 in place everywhere until 11.59pm Tuesday 24 August

New Instagram settings designed to protect younger users

All Instagram accounts for those aged under 16 are now private by default.

On the street: When did you send your first nude?

Re: hits the street asking people about their nude-sending habits and thoughts.

Supermarket workers tell us about being on the front line of Covid-19

Supermarket workers are risking their health to keep us fed. Re: asked three workers how they’re coping and what they need from us to help them…

Opinion: Otago University fucked up with Covid-19

Doing the bare minimum until the last second is fine for assignments, but not for pandemic responses, argues Erin Gourley in this opinion piece originally published…

Sophie’s Angels: the all-female driver service keeping passengers safe

96% of all passenger service drivers are men, but at Sophie's Angels, 0% of the drivers are men. This Wellington-based all-female driver service (open to passengers…

Drug Testing at Festivals - do you know what you're taking?

"1 in 4 samples is not as presumed." Drug testing at festivals could stop you from making a deadly mistake.

Why do Kiwis hate on tourist drivers so much?

Kiwis cause most accidents on our roads but we're quick to blame them on tourists. Is this racism masked as 'concern'?

Shark diving on Stewart Island

Stewart Island locals are scared. They’re desperately calling for government regulation of shark cage diving as some have noticed the great whites are becoming more aggressive…

Henry the Uber driver

Studying and working can be a real juggle, but it seems Henry's got it down. Meet the 19 year old making ends meet with a part-time…

Brekfist: Drugs

Do you feel like your education on drugs was woefully inadequate? No worries, Johanna and Saraid are here to tackle the touchy subject over some delicious…

Re:view - Air New Zealand safety videos

From Rachel Hunter to Rico the inneundo-laden puppet, Air New Zealand's safety videos sure have covered a lot of ground but are all of them worthy…

The killer weapons around us: Guns in NZ

Despite being a small country, Aotearoa has a dark history with gun violence. Is it time we put a ban on these weapons?

Cycling Code

Do you ride a pahikara (bicycle)? With more and more Kiwis taking to the roads on two wheels we thought we'd take a look at what…