Poetry reveals ‘chaotic’ realities of being young in Aotearoa

“It felt like I had done 13 years of school just to never make it out of the lower class.”

Musician Isla Reeves on bipolar and reconnecting with her Māoritanga | The Outliers

"I had this calling to be part of te ao Māori, and recognise my own Māori-ness." Christchurch poet and musician Isla Reeves gets candid about her…

Using poetry to talk about the climate crisis

Jordan Hamel is a writer, poet and award-winning poetry slam performer. He is one of the co-editors of the Climate Change Poetry Anthology, due to be…

A poem to help us process our frustration and anxiety right now

In just a few weeks, many of us went from feeling more or less secure in our livelihoods to losing them. The rest of us are…

One poem for every day I've been in isolation

After going into self-isolation on the 16th of March because he and his flatmates all have autoimmune diseases, poet Dominic Hoey decided to write a poem…

  • 26 Mar 20

The power of finding your voice

On a Saturday night in September, dozens of teenagers took to the stage of the Auckland Town Hall. They were there to perform at the grand…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Podcast - Reo | Language

Te Reo Māori was banned in schools in 1867.120 years later it became an official language, but by then only 15% of Māori could speak their mother…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Reo | Language

Ngā Hinepūkōrero are a group of champion slam poets fluent in te reo. They meet Takunda Muzondiwa, who moved to Aotearoa from Zimbabwe as a child,…

I cannot write a poem about China

Sherry Zhang reads her poem 'I cannot write a poem about China'.

Words from Sherry about her poem:

How do you navigate disagreement? I've been struggling with this…

I'm a Squirter - Filthy, funny poetry with Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer shares through poetry an exciting revelation: she's a squirter.

Period Piece - Filthy, funny poetry with Kate Spencer

Poet Kate Spencer proudly declares she is on her period.

I do it myself - Filthy, funny poetry with Kate Spencer

Poet Kate Spencer performs her ode to the joys of masturbation.

Our true stories from South Auckland, curated for the stage

It's not just a story - it's a movement' - Meet the South Auckland high schoolers smashing stigmas by stepping onto the stage with the help…

Poets passionate about NZ's war history

How much do you know about World War I? Local poets are bringing a fresh perspective, remembering our tūpuna in Auckland Museum's new interactive exhibit.

Ōtorohanga College slam poetry

Students from Ōtorohanga College created these pieces of slam poetry about the Aotearoa wars alongside poet Te Kahu Rolleston.

A poem about living with schizophrenia: Word Salad

A poem by Daniel Goodwin about what it is like to live with schizophrenia, and the mess of symptoms it causes inside your head.

Hera Lindsay Bird: writing poetry that teenage girls love and old-school poetry lovers hate

Proving poetry is alive and well, Hera Lindsay Bird's personal and powerful work is getting accolades both here in Aotearoa and internationally. Fresh off of her…