Sherry Zhang reads her poem 'I cannot write a poem about China'.

Words from Sherry about her poem:

How do you navigate disagreement? I've been struggling with this discomfort for a long time. Of being stuck between cultures with polarising politics views. Of disagreements with people you love and respect. How do you navigate this? 

When does criticism of another country's institution and system turn into racism? How do you stand up for your cultural identity, knowing that they may not accept you? All the grey area, and in between, and feeling like you don’t have enough grey matter. These are questions that have been circling in my mind. 

We were studying Tusiata Avia's “I cannot write a poem about Gaza,” in class, and it made me feel a little bit braver in articulating my in-articulation. This poem is inspired by her piece.

I am still trying to better educate myself. I hope this poem encourages discussions and understanding.