83% of trans or non-binary people have the incorrect gender on their birth certificate. A proposed…

A look into proposed law changes to Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act.

  • 10 Sep 21

Sexual assault laws changing to require consent in NSW

The new model means a person must do or say something to affirm consent before sex occurs. In New Zealand, laws governing consent only stipulate when…

Five laws and regulations that still discriminate against rainbow communities in NZ

Non-consensual surgeries on intersex children are still legal. Trans people still struggle to change the sex on their birth certificate. And blood donation criteria still discriminate…

  • 16 Mar 21

Why did Labour and the Greens vote against a medical cannabis bill?

Last week a National Party bill to make medicinal cannabis more readily available was voted against by Labour, the Greens and the Māori party. Why?

On March…

Explainer: the euthanasia referendum

The referendum that could make it legal for some terminally ill patients to choose their deaths.

What you need to know about giving prisoners back the vote

Parliament has passed a bill that gives prisoners back the vote. Here’s what you need to know.

Raupatu: Land confiscations explained

The word 'whenua' means both 'placenta' and 'land' in te reo. This is no coincidence - it reflects the deep and symbiotic connection Māori have with…