What I learned when I crashed three different Lunar New Year celebrations

This article was originally on the 7th February, 2020.

“A lot of people actually don’t know how to make dumplings,” says Helen Yeung, founder of Migrant Zine…

I can finally go home, Auckland borders lift after 120 days

It’s December 15, which means Auckland’s borders have officially reopened. 

Re: journalist Matiu Hamuera took their first drive home to Rotorua. They have not been home since…

Summer with Delta: How to stay safe

We asked an expert what to watch out for.

9 gift ideas made in Aotearoa for your last-minute Christmas shopping

Christmas is just two weeks away, so for those who are stuck on last-minute gift ideas, we’ve put together a wishlist of things the Re: team…

Recognising Matariki as a public holiday enables society to thrive

In February 2021 the government announced Matariki would be made a public holiday. 

In this essay from 2020, Qiane Matata-Sipu writes about her hope that decision-makers would prioritise wellness,…

The meaning of Matariki

Astronomer Toa Waaka introduces us to the 7 stars that make up the Matariki star cluster, and tells us how Matariki is a moment for reflecting…

Sprout - holidays for aspiring angels

Sprout Summer Camp is a hippie paradise making the most out of Aotearoa's beautiful outdoors. The camp kids surf waves not the web, do a little…

A Saint or Santa?

How did we get from a generous and caring saint to a clinically obese Santa? It has to do with churches and Coca Cola. Here's the…

Hanukkah in New Zealand

Kira and her family celebrate Hanukkah at this time of year, a Jewish holiday commemorating the Jewish victory over the Greeks who destroyed their temple ?✡️

What would an atheist Xmas be?

We wanted to get a glimpse of what the ultimate atheist Christmas would look like so we asked our pal Harley.

Kiwi Christmas

Big breakfast? BBQ and backyard cricket? What are your Christmas traditions?

Why is it ok to sit on Santa's lap?

When you take a second to think about it, sitting on Santa's lap is sort of like the Pandora's box of things-we've-been-told-not-to-do.

IntRe:pid - Pont du Gard

Welcome to Pont du Gard, the largest aqueduct in the world. Keen for a dip?

Staycation #1 - under the assumption you like coffee

New year, new coffee spot? Check out one of these beauties if you're in Auckland ☕️ ?