Racism stopping young South and East Asians from accessing NZ healthcare, study finds

1 in 5 South Asian and East Asian students say they have experienced some form of unfair treatment.

Māori given pills for chronic pain instead of proper health treatment, research shows

Māori are not getting the adequate healthcare they need for chronic pain.

A Māori health nurse shares how she makes 25% less than DHB nurses | Show Us Your Money

A nurse at a Māori health provider shares how she supports her whānau on a $55K salary.

Covid Update: 39 new cases and 1 death

A person with Covid 19 has died at Middlemore Hospital. There are also 39 new cases.

New Zealand needs 1,000 more psychologists, and it’s hurting people

Trigger warning: This article discusses mental health, suicide and alcoholism.

Two people who need medicinal cannabis: one legally, one on the black market | Side by Side

Is medicinal cannabis actually accessible and affordable for those who need it?

I’m intersex and I wish doctors had left my body alone

"I woke up out of the surgery and I just felt hollow."

I have an invisible disability. It feels like I'm ignored by our health system

If you become disabled as a result of an accident in New Zealand, ACC will pay for your treatment. But those disabled through medical conditions, illness…

These patients have been given a prescription for nature, rather than pills

A number of Kiwis are opting for fresh air and exercise instead of depending on traditional Western medicine.

A green prescription is an instruction from a health…

Observations of a rural nurse

Photographer Sara McIntyre has lived in the tiny town of Kākahi for the last ten years. She’s spent most of that time working as a district…

Fighting the inequity of our racist health system

In October 2018, the Waitangi Tribunal began the Wai 2575 inquiry into health services and outcomes for Māori.
The resultant report is a stark and disturbing reminder…

Kangen Water

Kangen Water fans have touted it as being able to change your body and your life. So is it real or is this water just one…