Gender Diversity

How I learnt to wear traditional cultural clothing in a gender-affirming way

"I don’t see why the two have to be separate."

‘Will I die waiting for health care?’: NZers rally for trans rights

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Tāmaki Makaurau and Pōneke last weekend.

NZ’s public health system is failing trans people

Thousands of NZers need gender-affirming chest surgeries. The Govt provided 10 in 2021.

  • 19 Dec 22

'It's cunt, it's extra, it's unique': 3 gender diverse people talk clothes

When navigating your gender identity, clothing can play a crucial role in expressing your true self.

  • 04 Oct 22

These teens want gender neutral bathrooms in all NZ high schools

“I have to disgender myself when I can’t use a gender neutral bathroom.”

  • 07 Jun 22

Why changing sex on your birth certificate matters

How trans and gender diverse communities feel about the passing of the BDMRR bill

  • 10 Dec 21

New law makes it easier for gender diverse people to update the sex on their birth certificate

Previously people needed to prove to the Family Court they had irreversible medical treatment.

  • 09 Dec 21

We celebrate wāhine who choose to challenge the status quo

It’s International Women’s Day so Re: has rounded up our best stories of women kicking ass.

K-pop helped me accept myself as non-binary

“I felt very alone, I felt very isolated. And then I discovered K-pop.”

A gender-neutral option has finally been added to NZ voting papers

The gender-neutral title Mx. is an option on the electoral roll for the first time. Kiwis tell us what this means for them.

You can enrol to…

NZ music festivals have no excuse for lack of gender diversity

The usual defences of lack of supply or lack of demand for non-male acts don't cut it anymore.

Casting trans actors to play trans characters can change lives

We talk to the cast and crew of Rūrangi about how positive trans representation can save lives.