‘I rate the pork bun a 10’: Food reviews at Polyfest 2024

“I’m eating a pāua bomb. Magnificent, 10 out of 10.”

‘No curries’: How Indian NZers experience racism from venues

“[It] constantly reminds you of the fact that you might be an outsider and that you don't fit in."

Cost of fruit and vegetables rises by 10%

This comes as concerns around the cost of living crisis continue to mount.

Price of burgers, coffee increase as food prices rise again

As NZ continues to grapple with a cost of living crisis, food prices continue to rise.

Fruit and vege prices up whopping 18% in a year: Statistics NZ

Food prices have risen 7.6% in the last year - the highest annual increase in over a decade.

Supermarket sector competition 'not working well for consumers'

The Commerce Commission has shared its recommendations to improve competition.

How the Kellogg’s strike affects our Corn Flakes in NZ

From Corn Flakes, Nutri-Grain and Coco Pops, local supermarkets are filled with Kellogg’s products.

Countdown essential workers strike, asking for wages to match rising cost of living

About 800 distribution centre workers want pay increase to match rise in cost of living.

COVEN’s Moe Laga on running away from home and finding her family | Eating Fried Chicken in the…

"I don't have all the answers but I just base it off what I've been through and my survival."

‘I had a massive identity crisis’: Joe Daymond on his return to Aotearoa | Eating Fried Chicken in…

“I remember I would sign surveys and when it would ask what nationality I was, I would put NZ/European. Because I didn’t have any association with…

Rangatahi react to eating kānga pirau (rotten corn) for the first time

“It looks like porridge but it doesn’t smell like it!”

Rangatahi react to eating tītī (muttonbird) for the first time

Rangatahi Māori try the delicacies of their ancestors. Up first is tītī.

Mai FM host Tegan Yorwarth talks body image, anxiety and balance | Eating Fried Chicken in the…

Tegan joins James Nokise to talk about getting strange messages and dealing with strange expectation

Why we may not need cows to make milk | Milk and Money | Episode 6

Half of calves in New Zealand are killed within days or weeks of being born.

Folic acid will now be added to bread to help prevent birth defects

Folic acid is proven to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

Teaching urban Māori lost skills of how to gather kaimoana safely

“It's scary because the rate in which Māori men are drowning continues to increase.”

Restaurants stop service in protest of ongoing staff problems

About 2000 restaurants are switching the lights off and suspending service for two minutes today.

Comedian Brendon Green blames his mum for failed self-saucing pudding

Comedian Brendon Green turns a globby mess into a chocolate pudding.

NZ households throw out $23 of food a week each

We’re chucking out 8.6 percent of our groceries each week - mostly fruit and veg.

Bread is not destroying your brain, research shows

Unless you actually have coeliac disease, gluten doesn’t affect your brain function, new research has found.

A study of over 13,000 people has found no link between…

Do you need a freezer in Antarctica? A chef lets us know

Tom Thorpe goes about his job like any other chef, but with one major difference: it's -40C outside.

We tracked down the owners of Chinese Cuisine, one of Mercury Plaza’s most popular eateries

Mercury Plaza! Once the go-to spot where Aucklanders young and old would congregate for some of the best kai in town. Since it’s closure in 2019,…

Comedian Liv McKenzie cooks gnocchi with spite not love

“Cooking with love isn’t the best way - cooking with spite I think is what gets the job done.”

Comedian Liv McKenzie makes gnocchi and pesto from…

Comedian Brynley Stent makes her Oma's trifle, with help from a taxidermy possum | Comedians Cook

Comedian Brynley Stent shows us how to make her Oma's trifle with store bought sponge cake, homemade custard, and then store bought custard when the homemade…

Comedian James Mustapic shows us how to make a gingerbread house | Comedians Cook

Comedian James Mustapic decides to use his oven for the first time ever, and shows us how to make a gingerbread house in this special Christmas…

Melodownz shows us how to make his banana pancakes | Party Trick

Hip hop artist and hot sauce maker Melodownz shows us his banana panikeke recipe.

Comedian David Correos teaches us his potato salad recipe, which is fancier than it sounds

Potato salads have been the butt of jokes about bland, Karen-esque food for a while now. But this is not your average potato salad. Comedian David…