Drug Reform

Festival drug-checking services will now receive government funding

Drug-checking services at summer festivals will receive government funding for the first time.

From nangs to comedowns, here's 10 stories about drugs

In case you missed it, last week Re: brought you a whole week of content dedicated to drugs.

What if we decriminalised all drugs | Let Me Explain

Portugal decriminalised all drugs in 2001. Could the same work here?

Talking to the brave people who asked their dealers for refunds

A surprising number of students are getting refunds from their drug dealers after buying "MDMA"

Drug laws need to be scrapped, say advocacy groups

Nearly 25 health and social organisations have signed an open letter asking the Government to repeal and replace current “unfair” drug laws with those that focus…

Pill testing doesn’t make you any more likely to take drugs, research finds

New research has found pill-testing services do not result in people taking MDMA if they had not used the drug before.

The research also found that pill…

Drug checking will be made legal in NZ in time for festivals this summer

Drug checking allows people to safely find out what's really in their pills.

A weed dealer on the constant threat of violence that comes with the job

Eighty percent of New Zealanders have tried weed by the age of 21, and between 250,000 and 400,000 of us are using it weekly. But because…

The West Auckland Bail House Trying to Keep Māori Out of Jail

The number of prisoners waiting for case outcomes is at an all-time high. Like the wider muster population, Māori account for at least half. A West…

The green fairy advocating for medicinal cannabis

'Green Fairy' Rose Renton successfully campaigned for her son Alex, then 19, to be the first person to receive a medicinal cannabidiol product in New Zealand.…