Hi employers. Young NZers with vision loss deserve jobs too

"I think employers need to have an open mind."

NZ Government sanctions sick jobseekers for failing to prepare for work

The Labour Government has cut the benefits of around 4000 sick, injured of disabled jobseekers.

Disabled NZers put at risk during Omicron, inquiry finds

30 organisations and networks provided information to the inquiry.

Paralympian creating rideshare service for disabled New Zealanders

Barney Koneferenisi has struggled for years to get around on other ridesharing services.

‘I could have been her, or could be next time’. A disability researcher on Lena Zhang Harrap’s death

Lena Zhang Harrap’s death has reignited conversations about violence in Aotearoa.

I live in a motel. There are no houses for my disabled daughter and me

Tania has spent the last seven months trying to find a rental house for her and her daughter.

People with disabilities experience significantly higher rates of violence, research shows

40 percent of women with disabilities report physical violence from an intimate partner.

Māori, disabled and sexually diverse people more likely to be victims of crime

The third annual New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey was released today. Here's what it said.

This man is facing deportation because of his disability

"The only obstacle in my life is people who discriminate me and see me not capable to do anything.”

Getting residency in New Zealand was harder than losing the ability to walk | Conversations With My…

Juliana and her mother Nadmea came to Aotearoa from Brazil after eight years of battling with New Zealand’s immigration system. 

Before Juliana moved, as an 19 year…

Māori are more likely to be victims of crime, a study confirms

Poverty, disability and sexuality are all factors that contribute to Māori being more likely to be victims of crime than non-Māori, a new study by the…

I'm non verbal, but that won't stop me from speaking Māori

“For me, te reo adds another dimension to being Māori. It enables one to feel a sense of belonging and connection to their culture and I…

I have an invisible disability. It feels like I'm ignored by our health system

If you become disabled as a result of an accident in New Zealand, ACC will pay for your treatment. But those disabled through medical conditions, illness…

Students with disabilities are hoping online learning wasn't just a Covid phase

University classes start back in-person this week, and students will once again have to drag themselves out of bed to get to class. But those with…

No Hands No Excuses

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This night market gives differently-abled people a platform

Illuminate is a night market that showcases the work of young people that come from a disability background, or from a youth group that challenges the…

Tinkerbelle the Wobble Dog is finding her legs

Tinkerbelle is a wobbly dog who is an inspiration to us all. Adopted with paralysed hind legs, Tinkerbelle’s signature wobbly gait has earned her the hearts…

How do we make Wellington a city that looks after everyone?

In this speaker series, hosted by the Wellington City Council, we hear about making sure young people have a future, AI and transport, and building the…

Training to Lead

Meet some puppies changing lives across Aotearoa, the amazing people training them, and Sina - one of the many blind New Zealanders with a new lease…

Natalie Te Paa

Natalie Te Paa dreams of inspiring people around the globe through her beautiful music. First stop: Los Angeles! ???