Criminal Justice

‘It’s like disappearing’: what it’s like to go to prison in NZ | True Justice

In the first episode of True Justice, we hear about what it’s like to be arrested.

What it’s actually like inside prison, and how you survive | True Justice

In Episode 2, hear the history of prisons in NZ, what day-to-day life is like on the inside.

‘I'm not delivering my baby in a court cell’: pregnant in prison | True Justice

Listen to the third episode of our new podcast series, True Justice.

‘I did the crime. I deserved the time. But when does that end?’ | True Justice

“It affects jobs, it affects travel, it affects insurance - it doesn’t go away.”

How do we build a world without police and prisons | True Justice

“It means giving support to people so that they can live their best lives.”

Call for NZ to lift age of criminal responsibility

An advocate has called for NZ to raise its age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12 immediately.

Brian Tamaki pleads not guilty over anti-lockdown protest

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki appeared in court today over an anti-lockdown protest.

Planning a terror attack will become a criminal offence after counter-terrorism bill passes final…

The Counter-Terrorism legislation bill has passed its final reading today.

75% of young people in detention facilities have not yet been sentenced

“The talk is crime, crime, crime” - the deep problems with our youth detention centres.

Social media can be a new form of justice for survivors of sexual assault

What are the legal ramifications of online justice, both for those who post and the accused?

What you need to know about giving prisoners back the vote

Parliament has passed a bill that gives prisoners back the vote. Here’s what you need to know.

Offenders released during the Covid-19 lockdown say they felt safer in prison

Prisoner support network PARS says housing New Zealand’s most vulnerable was difficult before a pandemic. But now, people are being released into a world that’s even…

The West Auckland Bail House Trying to Keep Māori Out of Jail

The number of prisoners waiting for case outcomes is at an all-time high. Like the wider muster population, Māori account for at least half. A West…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Podcast - Manatika | Justice

We spend a lot of money locking people up in this country. It costs $100,000 to keep one person in prison for one year. More has…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Manatika | Justice

A Pākehā criminal lawyer sits down with a Māori former-prisoner to talk about Aotearoa’s justice system. Awatea Mita was jailed for a non-violent drug crime. She…