It’s 2023, why are women still carrying the burden of contraception?

“I thought maybe I'm being stupid for asking him to pay.”

The pill could have 92% less hormones and still work, study finds

But Aotearoa could probably benefit from other moves in the birth control space.

I never want kids so I had a vasectomy at 32

“Once I figured out that kids aren’t something I dream of, I wanted to commit to that.”

1 in 4 new mums surveyed had never used contraception, NZ study reveals

Two in three new mums hadn’t discussed contraception with a health worker before getting pregnant.

Teens should get special contraception consults, study says

Researchers say contraceptives should be proactively offered to teenagers. 

The study Proactively Providing Contraception to New Zealand Adolescents from the University of Otago was published on Tuesday…

How to handle your sexual health in lockdown

Many sexual health services aren’t open during lockdown. What do you do if you need to get a refill of the pill, an IUD removal, and…

The Pill - would a man be willing to be moody for the cause?

Women have been taking the pill for decades, is it time men started taking some responsibility for birth control? ?

A your dick?

We talk to some guys about whether they would switch up their contraception method with an implant in their balls... ??