Cannabis Law Reform

Why it’s hard to know the impact of cannabis on lungs

Specialists say the illegal status of cannabis in many countries makes it difficult to study.

Why did Labour and the Greens vote against a medical cannabis bill?

Last week a National Party bill to make medicinal cannabis more readily available was voted against by Labour, the Greens and the Māori party. Why?

On March…

Euthanasia still a yes, cannabis still a no, and Labour keeps majority with special votes

The special votes have been counted and the final results of the referendums and New Zealand’s 2020 general election have been released.

It’s still a no for…

NZ votes yes for euthanasia, no for recreational cannabis

65% of NZers voted yes in the euthanasia referendum. 53% voted no in the cannabis referendum.

A weed dealer on the constant threat of violence that comes with the job

Eighty percent of New Zealanders have tried weed by the age of 21, and between 250,000 and 400,000 of us are using it weekly. But because…

A majority of NZers say they will vote to keep weed illegal

A new poll says majority of NZers would vote against legalising weed.

Explainer: the cannabis referendum that could make weed legal in New Zealand

At this year’s election, as well as voting on who we want to be in government, we will also be asked this question: Do you support the…

Revisiting New Zealand's illegal weed club

Situated just a few minutes away from a local police station in West Auckland, The Daktory was a cannabis club that opened in 2008. Simply put,…