Baz Macdonald

'Zombie fungus' image wins prestigious nature competition

The photos “capture the wonder of the natural world and the growing need to protect it".

Bullying in NZ boarding schools has gone on for generations

“I didn't become a teacher to contribute and work in an environment like this.”

Te reo Māori only became an official language in NZ 35 years ago today

Now almost 25% of Māori speak te reo as a first language.

Kākāpō and pekapeka bow out of NZ's Bird of the Year competition

This year's competition will focus on some of our overlooked and underappreciated birds.

This genre of music makes people feel like they're on psychedelics

11.7% of people said they can use binaural beats to ‘get a similar effect to that of other drugs’.

NZ book critic called transphobic after review of takatāpui poet’s work

Takatāpui poet Essa May Ranapiri released their second poetry collection ECHIDNA in May.

How Dunedin became the MDMA capital of NZ

Wastewater testing shows MDMA use has gone up 40% in the last three years in the Southern region.

Stop what you're doing and look at the new images from NASA’s telescope

These new pictures show off our universe in never-before-seen detail.

Here is the most detailed image of the universe ever created

This image shows thousands of galaxies, each containing billions of stars.

Infertility impacts childhood cancer survivors but there may be a solution

Every year 400,000 young people aged 0 to 19 are diagnosed with cancer around the world.

Winter illness is overwhelming our doctors. Here's how you can help

Dr Bryan Betty says New Zealand’s medical system is “the most stressed I’ve seen”.

NZ CEOs earn up to 88 times more than employees: We crunched the numbers

The gap between CEO and worker pay has been widening in recent decades.

Interest explained: how it affects the price of everything

But even if you’re not borrowing money, interest affects the price of everything in Aotearoa.

You can blame your bad behaviour on childhood friends, science says

They can even help determine what your beliefs and morals are.

Inflation explained: Why everything gets more expensive

How the Big Mac went from 75 cents to $7.10

Periods, poverty and debt: Rangatahi grill politicians

Rangatahi asked politicians about poverty, period products and lowering the voting age in NZ.

Six60 paid our rent for a year

We went to Ōtepoti/Dunedin to meet the first-ever recipients of Six60's new scholarship.

Covid update May 31: 8,436 new cases, 18 deaths

There have been an average of 14 deaths a day related to Covid-19 in the last seven days.

More supermarket options on the way, NZ Government promises

David Clark said the Government is "urgently pursuing"ways to introduce more competition.

Covid update May 30: 5,836 new cases, 5 deaths

The seven-day rolling average of community case numbers today is 6,881 – last Monday, it was 7,712.

Spotify and Tinder use AI to influence us but won’t tell us how

“The process isn’t human or necessarily understandable to us."

Budget 2022: Here's what you need to know

The 2022 budget has allocated $128.4 billion towards areas such as health, climate and transport.

“Are we safer?”: Unpacking the March 15 recovery efforts, three years on

Re: looked at what has been done when it comes to the Royal Commission of Inquiry recommendations.

Covid update May 5: 8,609 new cases, 20 deaths

A person under 10, with Covid-19, has died.

Three Waters: What is it and why this reform is controversial in NZ

The government has made a plan to combine all of NZ’s water infrastructure and make four entities.

How our dead bodies can be good for the planet

Cremating one person requires the same energy as the average New Zealand household uses in a month.

Pollution and emissions up, species down: environment report

The intensification of the dairy industry is a major driver of NZ’s environmental decline.

NZ to send aircraft, 50 defence force staff to help support Ukraine

The aircraft, a NZDF C130 Hercules, will carry equipment and supplies around Europe.

Four things you need to know about today's big climate report

If global warming continues to rise, there will be less food, faltering economies and more diseases.