I tried to survive two days in the bush with no gear

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Scientists say we are overdue for a major earthquake across the Alpine Fault.

There’s a 75% chance of it rupturing to cause a 7.5 magnitude or larger quake in the next 50 years.

So with that potential disaster looming in the future, and recent disasters like the Auckland Floods and Cyclone Gabrielle still fresh in our memory, Re: News journalist Baz Macdonald set out to explore how prepared we should be.

As part of our Off the Grid series this week, Baz set off with survival expert Ben Logan to test his own limits, by trying to survive two days in the bush with no food, little supplies and wet boots.

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Off The Grid Week

With the cost of living crisis, housing crisis, and what feels like a new crisis every week - the thought of giving up the rat race completely and just living a simple life in the bush is becoming more and more appealing.