COVEN’s Moe Laga on running away from home and finding her family | Eating Fried Chicken in the…

"I don't have all the answers but I just base it off what I've been through and my survival."

Inside mau rākau, the Māori martial art

“My taiaha heals me and guides me through this world.”

Māoriland: the creative hub empowering story sovereignty

“It’s crucial that we rangatahi get to tell our stories."

Taonga puoro were almost lost, now these wāhine are taking the revival to a new generation

May we boundlessly dream of possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations. May we weave communities of support, compassion and active solidarity. With our history in front of…

My morning with an illustrator, ceramicist and fashion designer

A morning routine is like a ritual we practice every day.

The illustrator whose art helps people see themselves differently | The Outliers

Huriana Koepke-Te Aho illustrates portraits that encourage people to see themselves in new ways.

They’re also an activist, recently lending their talents to the Protect Ihumātao movement,…

How to tattoo people at home

Ever wondered if home tattoos were too risky to bother with? Matt Trevelyan, a seasoned home tattoo artist, shows us exactly what we need to know…

Chevron Hasset on being the only working class Māori at his art school | The Outliers

“Working class Māori don’t actually attend art school.”

Chevron Hasset is an artist who was raised in Naenae, Lower Hutt. He shares what it was like to…

Māori Mermaid on how being Māori is a healing process | The Outliers

“I would say, oh I’m Māori. I’m Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Ruanui. You’d get challenged. You’d get oh, but how much Māori? What percentage are you?”

Jess Thompson…

35 years of iconic NZ fashion house NOM*d

What’s kept NOM*d so relevant, aspirational and darkly cool for the last 35 years?

Inside the programme helping teenagers cope through creating art

“When I’m shy, I start singing and I just feel it."

Covid closed Ōtāhuhu's only art gallery, but there's a novel way to keep it going

Vunilagi Vou provided a dedicated space for contemporary Pacific art, and was the only art gallery in Ōtāhuhu. The financial pressures of Covid made maintaining this…

In pictures: my life as a refugee in New Zealand

For 30 years New Zealand’s annual refugee quota sat at 750 people. In 2018 that number rose to 1000 and next month it will increase further…

When They Ask You: a new poem by Mohamed Hassan

Journalist and poet Mohamed Hassan performs his poem 'When They Ask You' in this bonus video from Third Culture Minds.

Third Culture Minds is a mental health…

The 'Bob Ross' of Māori carving has become an overnight streaming sensation

Twitch streamer Broxh loves his culture and his art form, and he wants to share it with the world. During lockdown, he started streaming his whakairo…

Sound Check: HIGH HØØPS on how NZ music can emerge stronger from Covid

The music industry is suffering, but it might emerge from this pandemic stronger than before.

Sound Check: Folk singer Holly Arrowsmith is rebuilding a housebus and her dreams

All of Holly's shows for the year are cancelled, so now she's turning an old bus into a house.

The dance epidemic that infected an entire town

A dancing plague once overtook Strasbourg during the middle ages. Throughout the city, people were "using dance to get to some transcendent state to get out…

Jang Huddle is telling 1.5 generation stories through dance

Cindy Jang is extending the possibilities of what dance can be with her collective Jang Huddle.

Music by Imugi 이무기

How this year’s Pride is different

In the past, Pride felt like a space mainly for white, gay men. People involved in Pride 2020 tell us how that's changing.

A cartoon about Samoa with love

"As a Samoan, I feel what happens to other Samoans." Comic artist Michel Mulipola talks about the illustration he's created to process the Samoan measles epidemic.

Exploring queer identity through stripping

"Honey is soft, Honey is sweet," and Honey is a performer at Bodyhaus, a collective of queer strippers. Honey AKA Logan Collis talks about undermining the…

Illustrator Ruby Jones on Going Viral and the Power of Drawing Kindness

After the Christchurch terror attacks, Ruby Jones illustrated two people hugging with the words, "This is your home and you should have been safe here." The…

Rediscovering Aotearoa: Takatāpui | LGBTQIA+

Gender diversity was an accepted part of Māori and Pacific societies before colonisation. But European Christian values brought stigma and shame. Jaimie Waititi and Falencie Filipo…

Michel Mulipola is the 'Bloody Samoan' comic book artist

Michel Mulipola is the 'Bloody Samoan'. It's a derogatory term he heard a lot growing up, but he's now reappropriated it as a moniker in his…

What does inclusive Aotearoa look like?

What does inclusive Aotearoa look like? Recreate NZ and Auckland students work together on an art project that asks this question.

World of WearableArt: Fashioning a friendship

Having gone from kindy to uni to flatting together, Renee and Kayla are besties for life. And, for the last 10 years, they've both been creating…

I cannot write a poem about China

Sherry Zhang reads her poem 'I cannot write a poem about China'.

Words from Sherry about her poem:

How do you navigate disagreement? I've been struggling with this…

Evan Woodruffe - artist and collector

Artist and collector Evan Woodruffe thinks of art as an "anti-weapon". "There are weapons in this world," he says, "but art is the antithesis of that.…

The incredible puppets that bring War Horse to life

The head, the heart and the hind. These are the three puppeteering roles required to bring Joey the horse to life in the theatre production of…