Anna Murray

How the proposed sick leave changes could impact you

The Government is proposing changes to the Holidays Act.

Three Strikes makes its return: The controversial law explained

The Government is reviving the Three Strikes legislation Labour scrapped two years ago.

Renting? Here’s some advice for navigating the Govt’s rental reforms

Changes are coming to the rules around renting in NZ. So, what can tenants do in the months ahead?

Minimum wage to go up, tax break for landlords kicks in

Here’s what New Zealanders can expect from April 1.

Love and loss? How relationships can impact people’s benefits

Advocates are calling for an overhaul of relationship rules within the welfare system.

NZ's smokefree legislation: A history of stubbing out smoking

Once upon a time, there was pretty much nowhere you couldn't smoke.

What to tell the dudebros who say there’s no gender pay gap

If you’re a woman then from today, you are effectively working for free for the rest of the year.

National wants to ban gang patches in public

What happened when Whanganui did it?

The Labour policies that face being scrapped under National

So, which of Labour’s policies are being axed?

How to vote in the New Zealand election from overseas

Nearly 65,000 New Zealanders living overseas were enrolled to vote in the 2020 election.

Analysis: The vibes from inside the TVNZ Young Voters’ Debate

1News' Anna Murray gives her audience member insight from last night's Youth Voter Debate.

Syphilis is on the rise in Auckland: what you need to know

Many people with syphilis don’t have any symptoms and therefore don’t know they have it.

How many NZers have long Covid? New registry aims to find out

“[Long Covid] affects everything, it literally destroys lives."

NZ’s first queer kids show: Why these characters need to be centre stage

This local show is making sure queer characters take centre stage as complex, relatable heroes.

New clinics offer free drug checking five days a week

Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin are getting a new regular drug checking service.

Breaking down the Budget for my fellow dumbasses

How to sound smart if somebody brings up the Budget this weekend.

The pill could have 92% less hormones and still work, study finds

But Aotearoa could probably benefit from other moves in the birth control space.

Early morning lectures could be ruining your university grades

Nearly 40% of Aotearoa’s teenagers are sleeping less than the recommended 8-10 hours each night.

Researchers think they’ve found the key to a male birth control pill

Researchers say the results could be a “game-changer” in developing the male birth control pill.

Australia honours Indigenous people instead of King Charles on $5 notes

It says it will consult with First Australians about the banknotes’ design.

Half of people with penises are unhappy with its size - but why?

Health experts say anxiety over penis size can affect people’s sex lives.

Teens should start school an hour later, NZ researchers say

While two-thirds of teens report good overall wellbeing, researchers say many don’t.

Who came first? NZ’s top towns for buying sex toys revealed

Did you have Palmerston North becoming the sex toy capital of New Zealand on your 2022 bingo card?

Hate speech laws: ‘It’s dangerous to leave queer people without protection’

Advocates say NZ seen a rise in attacks on the queer community over the past two years.

Still haven’t had Covid yet? Here’s some reasons why

There is likely a large group of NZers who incorrectly believe they haven’t caught it yet.

Apparently some people find NZ's hate speech laws controversial...why?

Strengthening Aotearoa’s hate speech laws was recommended two years ago, following March 15.

Hi employers. Young NZers with vision loss deserve jobs too

"I think employers need to have an open mind."

Petting a dog could be good for your brain

A new study has found petting dogs can boost the part of our brains that helps regulate our emotions