While Aotearoa is yet to reveal plans for removing Queen Elizabeth II from the country’s money, Australia has announced her successor, King Charles, won’t appear on their new $5 notes.

Australia’s Reserve Bank says the updated banknotes will replace the Queen’s portrait with a new design honouring the First Australians.

The other side of the notes will still feature the Australian Parliament.

The Bank says the Australian Government supports the move, which will take several years to design and print.

It says it will consult with First Australians about the banknotes’ design.

New Zealand currently has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth on its $20 note. Plans for replacing her image are yet to be revealed.

A petition called Make Our Money Reflect Aotearoa was launched last year by university student Te Matahiapo Safari Hynes.

It calls on the Reserve Bank to replace the British monarch on Aotearoa’s money when the next round of coins and notes are produced.

The petition currently has around 2100 signatures.

It will be several years before New Zealand’s coins featuring King Charles III are in circulation and the current stocks of $20 notes featuring Queen Elizabeth are used up and need to be replaced. 

Re: News asked people in October who they thought should replace the Queen on the $20 note.

Their answers included the Nek Minnit Guy, Lorde, Tāme Iti, the Laser Kiwi, and Dame Whina Cooper. 

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