Growing up Muslim in Southland

Faris shares what it's like being part of the world's southern-most Muslim community.

Scene of 1920 shooting becomes NZ’s first rainbow heritage listed building

“This is a really groundbreaking listing for Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga.”

This web tool replaces coronation news with Indigenous stories

“Our hapori is fatigued by royal gossip and I feel like we deserve the option to opt-out."

‘Hula is life’ Māori Prodigy take the stage at Merrie Monarch

“It’s a dance, it’s a song and it talks about who we are as Hawai’i”.

The challenges and joy Black women in NZ face when it comes to their hair

“I want to see the celebration and inclusion of black hair and its natural form."

Here are the strangest things people have left in Ubers around NZ

Chicken, cat flap doors, fish. You know, normal things to have with you on an Uber ride.

Celebrating Eid in NZ: Fashion, food and family

"Everyone wears the nicest clothes they have or they’ll buy new outfits or dress however they want."

1 in 3 drugs in NZ are not what you think they are

Why you should never assume you know what drug you’re taking.

'It's not about the food': Breaking your fast during Ramadan

“More than any other time of day, our connection with God is a lot higher during that time.”

Lesbian Master Doc: A PDF helping women realise their sexuality

Sherry Zhang explores how this resource has helped people think more deeply about their sexuality.

Opinion: Why I am still a Christian

When I was a kid, I never doubted. Recently, I have found myself far more comfortable with it.

Reviving the dying art of the Chinese earth oven | Abby Masengi | Sik Fan Lah!

Abby Masengi learns why this tradition is so important to the local Chinese community in Manawatū.

Surviving like a Chinese gold miner | Janice Huang | Sik Fan Lah!

“Instead of having my awesome gas cooker, it would have been stones and wood”

‘I’ve never had Asian pussy before’: Filipinas talk about dating in NZ

Filipinas tell us about the experiences they face while dating in New Zealand.

Honouring my Dad cooking his recipes | Tyla Nathan-Wong | Sik Fan Lah!

“It’s more than just the food, it’s the care - the why”

Why making Aotearoa history compulsory matters to students

Aotearoa History to be implemented in the school curriculum.

Why karakia is more than just a tick box exercise

You might have noticed the use of karakia in public meetings keeps making headlines recently.

Gen Z and 'Gunge': Embracing the ooey-gooey realm of modern fashion

It's giving Nickoleon Kids Choice Awards.

Thriving in a new country making dumplings | Evil Twins | Sik Fan Lah!

The Evil Twins get amongst some Chicken-Free Laksa Dumplings with Vicky Ha.

Breakups hurt, but 68% of us have actually been harmed by them

A new government-led initiative wants to help rangatahi recover from break-ups better.

How celebrating our food brought me closer to my Chinese culture and family

"Our Chinese parents are often proud of us in ways they cannot say. Especially to us. "

The Lunar New Year salad that brings prosperity | Sam Low

Watch the first episode of Sik Fan Lah with Masterchef 2022 champ Sam Low now.

Is it ever okay to ghost someone?

Ghosting feels stink, but are there times when it’s appropriate? ?

My husband was killed in March 15. Here’s how I’ve found peace and unity

"The hope in me has not changed, but it may have waned a little bit."

How to say Whanganui correctly

We spoke to iwi historian Che Wilson about this.

People tell us why they ghost other people

Is it ever okay to ghost someone?

Decolonising romance: Prioritising cultural needs in my relationship

"Hopefully one day soon 'actively decolonising' is a sexy part of everyone’s Tinder bio."

Making ‘Dating While Asian’ changed how I see dating

Dating in your 20s can be full of anxiety, loneliness and insecurity.