How to ask your boss for a pay rise

Asking for a raise can feel awkward, uncomfortable and just plain terrifying.

Behind the scenes of Nude Tuesday: the NZ orgy comedy entirely in gibberish

Harrison talked to the star and director of the new film where nobody makes any sense.

Tash Sultana on tour life and taking a chance on artists

"I'm having fun with my life, and I really like the person I've become."

Asking speedway fans why they love it

“They covered the car with a tarp. They thought I was dead”

‘Most the kids have uncles that are blackpowers’: Growing up in Pātea

Re: talked to two teens growing up in the town behind NZ's greatest ever tune, 'Poi E'.

Six60 paid our rent for a year

We went to Ōtepoti/Dunedin to meet the first-ever recipients of Six60's new scholarship.

Inside NZ’s pro wrestling scene: ‘Step in the ring if you think it’s fake’

“We do have some good guys, we do have some bad guys but both feed off the same energy.”

Building a Sydney marae: Our culture must thrive in another land

“We are told from our people, we need this.”

Inside New Zealand’s underground car community

“We go out to the intersection and do a little whoop-whoop around the intersection”

How our dead bodies can be good for the planet

Cremating one person requires the same energy as the average New Zealand household uses in a month.

I’m a priest and I’m gay

Pā Cruz opens up about the reality of being a modern-day priest.

Meet the witches of NZ’s first wicca church

“Wicca makes women feel safe. It makes the female feminine part in men feel safe, too.”

What would happen if NZ decriminalised all drugs? We asked people on the street

“Have you ever experimented with any drugs?”... “I don’t remember”

Lawrence Arabia performs The Phoenix Foundation’s single 'Let Me Die A Woman'

Watch Lawrence Arabia perform The Phoenix Foundation’s single 'Let Me Die A Woman' from their debut album Horse Power.

James Milne (Lawrence Arabia) and Sam Scott (The…

The Phoenix Foundation performs Lawrence Arabia’s 'Bicycle Riding'

Watch The Phoenix Foundation perform Lawrence Arabia’s 'Bicycle Riding' from the 2012 album The Sparrow.

James Milne (Lawrence Arabia) and Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation) have a…

AMA winners share their best and worst days of 2021

We asked the winners of the 2021 Aotearoa Music Awards about their best and worst days of 2021. Read below for a full list of winners…

Under Cover: Lawrence Arabia and The Phoenix Foundation

James Milne (Lawrence Arabia) and Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation) have a history that dates back to the carefree days of their twenties. Enamored by one…

SWIDT: 'Crying is a form of healing' | Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower

“We probably do a better job of looking after the community than the cops do.”

'All the girls are your cousins': life as a teen in the Far North

We meet mates Josh and Billy, both 14. They show us what life is like in Hokianga.

Martin Phillipps (The Chills) and Semisi Maiai (Marlin’s Dreaming ) | Under Cover

Musicians Martin Phillipps & Semisi Maiai catch up to talk about ghosts & the bond that bands have.

Comedian Brendon Green blames his mum for failed self-saucing pudding

Comedian Brendon Green turns a globby mess into a chocolate pudding.

Lemon Lemon: Toasted | 48Hours

An amateur documentary crew enters the home of Steven the superhero, whose claim to fame is that he can make toast with his eyes.

Won: Best Under…

Apple Fork: A Matter Of Time | 48Hours

An inventive man gets more than he bargained for when he messes with time-travel.

Won: Grand National Runner-up

See the rest of the Grand National Finalists from 48Hours…

Awkward Animations: Unfinished Symphony | 48Hours

A stop motion artist breathes life into old junk to create a delightful symphony.

Nominated for:

Best Director
Ant Timpson Solo/Duo Award

Auckland City WInner
See the rest of the Grand…

Couch Kumara: Pre-Emptive Defence | 48Hours

A student has a dire medical emergency in the midst of a self-defence class.

Nominated for:

L’Affare Ultra 48 Award
Best Cinematography

Wellington City Runner-up
Best Editing
See the rest of the…

Cyan Sea: Max | 48Hours

As Max begins to find hope again, the terrors of her past drag her back into the dark.

Ant Timpson Wildcard

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Disqualified Tim: Banana Boys | 48Hours

We built and destroyed a full sized B17 bomber specifically and only for this competition. Also known as “Banana Boys”

A war photographer boards a plane armed…