How Reece Campbell champions music, Tā Moko and reo Māori, in Australia

“I’m proud to see it around, doesn’t matter if it’s at home or around the whole world, as long as our moko is staying alive, that’s the main purpose for me is keep it going.” 

Reece Campbell is a tāmoko artist based in Brisbane who takes pride in seeing mataora and moko kauwae on Māori living in Australia.

For him, the main purpose is keeping the tradition alive, and says while facial tattoos are still a barrier in some spaces, he has not personally faced any backlash.

Aside from his work as a tāmoko artist, Campbell is also the lead singer of a reggae band called Bradamon, which has played alongside Katchafire and has just released a single in te reo Māori. 

The song focuses on the importance of knowing your roots and sense of home. 

Through his music, Campbell shares his own journey and hopes to inspire others to appreciate and embrace their Māoritanga. 

For him, anything related to Māori culture is worth celebrating and he takes joy in seeing it thrive.

“Anything to do with our culture, I love seeing it” 

This is part of our reo Māori series, Ohinga, created by Mahi Tahi Media, with funding from Te Māngai Pāho. Stay tuned for a new episode every week.

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