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Tikanga is crucial to our response to the climate crisis

New research shows tikanga Māori practices are crucial to responding to climate challenges

Students are suing the Government for oil and gas exploration in Taranaki

The students want the High Court to review permits given to two energy companies this year.

‘We are not drowning, we are fighting’: powerful indigenous speeches from the global climate…

"This COP, learn our histories, listen to our stories, honour our knowledge."

Bat wins Bird of the Year 2021 by a landslide

Pekapeka-tou-roa, the long-tailed bat, has taken the title of Te Manu Rongonui o te Tau 2021

‘I’m using petrol until it runs out’: The problem with car culture in NZ

Will our car culture stop us from meeting our climate goals?

‘Bullshit and hot air’: Why climate campaigners are angry about Emissions Reduction plan

The Government is asking for more feedback on its Emissions Reduction plan & Greenpeace isn’t happy.

Made My Day: Bats swoop in to disrupt NZ’s Bird of the Year race

A bat is now a candidate in this year’s Te Manu Rongonui o te Tau/Bird of the Year race

NZ has so many cows. Why do we import millions of tonnes of dairy?

Re: journalist Baz Macdonald got sucked down the dairy rabbit hole trying to find the answer.

NZ’s two biggest bread companies are phasing out plastic bag clips

New Zealand’s two major bread producers use 175 million plastic bread bag clips a year.

Dairy can’t manage its crap, but innovative farmers are trying to fix that

If I take a shit in a field, it's not a huge deal. But what if 20,000 people take a shit in a field?

Breaking down the huge UN new climate change report: it's grim

The latest climate change report shows climate change is here, it’s going to get worse.

Our dairy industry kills 2 million calves a year, but they don’t have to

These calves are killed within days or weeks of being born.

Tuatara may have the fastest sperm ever seen in reptiles, a study suggests.

Tuatara may have the fastest sperm ever seen in a reptile...

Calves, cows, and shit on the face: My week as a dairy farmer

I knew that if I really wanted to understand the dairy industry, I would need to get my hands dirty.

Why we made Milk and Money, our documentary series about dairy

Milk and Money is a six-part documentary series by Re: investigating New Zealand’s dairy industry.

NZ doubled our dairy cows in 30 years, but it took 600% more fertiliser | Milk and Money | Episode 3

“We don’t exactly know how many cows we could sustain, but it’s a hell of a lot less than we have."

The impact of dairy on our freshwater | Milk and Money | Episode 2

In Episode 2: Water, we explore the state of freshwater in New Zealand.

Why our dairy cows produce more emissions than our cars | Milk and Money | Episode 4

“The right thing to do is for all us dairy farmers to try to pull our weight."

Our soil quality has been declining for decades. Dairy is making it worse | Milk and Money…

“In a teaspoon of soil, there are as many microbes than there are mammals on the planet."

How Aotearoa built its dairy empire on billions of dollars of debt | Milk and Money | Episode 1

Milk and Money, our series investigating the dairy industry is here.

Why we may not need cows to make milk | Milk and Money | Episode 6

Half of calves in New Zealand are killed within days or weeks of being born.

Toa the orca’s prolonged separation causing concerns among animal experts

It’s been 10 days since Toa was separated from his pod in Plimmerton, near Wellington.

Hundreds evacuated in South Island after a weekend of severe rain and flooding

Hundreds of people have spent another night away from their homes on the South Island’s West Coast.

Parts of the Amazon now emitting more carbon than they absorb

Some regions of the Amazon rainforest are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they absorb.

300 lawyers are suing the Climate Change Commission for not doing enough

They say current aims “will fail to achieve our goal of avoiding catastrophic climate change”.

Cotton buds, meat trays and plastic forks to go with new plastic ban

The plastics phase-out will take place in three stages from 2022 to 2025.

NZ households throw out $23 of food a week each

We’re chucking out 8.6 percent of our groceries each week - mostly fruit and veg.

A scientist tells us where to find NZ’s secret glaciers

Did you know Te Ika-a-Māui / the North Island has its own glaciers?