The Planet

We need a new way to talk about extreme weather

Climate change means discussing weather as “one-in-100-year events” doesn’t work anymore

Auckland flooding: Here's what you need to know

Auckland is in a state of emergency due to "unprecedented" flooding and rain.

It’s not all doom and gloom, let’s celebrate some of 2022’s climate wins

Take a moment to celebrate some of the things being done to make the world a more sustainable place.

Uh oh: More than half of diseases are made worse by climate change

Of the 375 recorded pathogenic diseases in the world, 58% have been made worse by climate change.

The Christchurch neighbourhood that smells like ass crack

The smell is so bad some residents are leaving for good.

Stop crushing your cans, you're sending them to landfill

It's time to squash our can-crushing habit.

Climate activist Txai Suruí on indigenous solutions to saving our planet

“It is not enough just to protect the forest, we have to give back to her what we took from her."

‘They don’t seem to give a fuck’: Student climate strike takes aim at Govt

"There is so much we could do, but no one wants to do anything."

Your fear of sharks is irrational but not your fault

More New Zealanders are injured every year by alpacas and rabbits than by sharks, according to ACC. 

Here’s how your $10 t-shirt is made: fast fashion explained

40% of clothes imported into New Zealand were estimated to be made using forced and child labour.

Students vs Taranaki oil exploration: High Court dismisses case

Student climate activists argued new oil exploration permits breached New Zealand law.

We challenged fast fashion addicts to find an op shop fit in 10 mins

“Looking like a million bucks for a dollar."

'Zombie fungus' image wins prestigious nature competition

The photos “capture the wonder of the natural world and the growing need to protect it".

Here's what you need to know about NZ's plan to tackle climate change

This adaptation plan is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Kākāpō and pekapeka bow out of NZ's Bird of the Year competition

This year's competition will focus on some of our overlooked and underappreciated birds.

Stop what you're doing and look at the new images from NASA’s telescope

These new pictures show off our universe in never-before-seen detail.

Here is the most detailed image of the universe ever created

This image shows thousands of galaxies, each containing billions of stars.

Fireball seen in sky across lower North Island

People have seen a bright flash of light in sky above Wellington and Wairarapa today.

The Hauraki Gulf is a treasure at risk of collapse | Seasick | Ep 1

The great blue playground on the doorstep of NZ's largest city is in trouble. What is being done?

A deep dive on commercial fishing in the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 2

How do we balance having fish in shops and restaurants, without over exploiting our marine life.

Fishing the Hauraki Gulf for fun, and its impact | Seasick | Ep 3

"What's alarming is not what's left in the water, it's what has gone."

What's polluting the Hauraki Gulf, and some solutions | Seasick | Ep 4

We explore Auckland’s 100-year-old sewerage system and why not to swim after heavy rain.

Mātauranga Māori and healing the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 5

How traditional and dynamic practices like rāhui are helping protect marine life.

Kai Ika is saving unwanted fish heads and feeding communities | Seasick | Ep 6

New ideas to help build a clean blue reputation for the Hauraki Gulf.

The future of the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 7

What is being done to save it? Stories of hope.

Tonga's underwater volcano might still be erupting

A team of NIWA scientists say the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano may still be erupting.

Four ways NZ will meet its emission targets by 2050

The Government has released its $2.9 billion plan to get Aotearoa to zero carbon emissions by 2050.