Thousands of students across Aotearoa once again went on strike today, demanding the Government take stronger action against climate change.

Led by youth movement Fridays For Future, the strikes took place in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland.

The key demands of Wellington organisers School Strike 4 Climate ranged from the Government better investing in cycle and walkways to developing ways of transitioning employees in unsustainable industries into sustainable jobs.

Their main focus this year is the agricultural sector, our country's largest source of emissions. They demanded the Government ban the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers and halve the number of dairy cows in the country. 

Roughly 500 people attended the Wellington protest today. While less than the tens of thousands seen at the 2019 strike, the small but passionate group endured the wind and the rain to make their voices heard.

A sign language interpreter translating the speeches

Mika, 20

I came out today because I am really concerned for the future of our planet and think the Government we have at the moment is not doing enough about it.

I would love to see more investment in public transport, making it fast and reliable, so that we can move away from private vehicle transport.

I would love to see stronger action taken against our dairy industry - particularly getting rid of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers and a reduction of the number of cows we have. 


It’s ridiculous they don’t seem to give a fuck about the planet.

There is so much we could do, but no one wants to do anything.

It’s nice to come out and show we care, even though they don’t.

We’re getting close to the point of no return; all these kids deserve to grow up not having to worry about the environment giving out.


Caz, 71

I’m a staunch and committed activist for the climate. We have to make changes as soon as possible.

Having seen the decline of our environment over generations, it makes me weep.

I support these young people because they can get sidelined if it doesn’t look like others are with them.

They are the ones moving into the future, the ones climate change will impact the most.

I lived through the threat of nuclear winter and decided not to have children. But things are worse now.



I’m from the Maldives, a country that is going to sink because of climate change.

I feel an existential dread. One day my country will disappear, I will become a nomad, a climate refugee. The place, culture, and lifestyle I grew up with will be gone.

New Zealand has a responsibility to be a voice for the countries of the Pacific and lifting them up against the rising sea.

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