Te Reo

What Aotearoa can learn about sustainable fisheries in Iceland

“Most of the policies and resource management that we have in place for the ocean and freshwater restrict the rights of iwi. So what we need…

Learning we are not alone | Mānawa Maiea te Atawhai | Ep 10

Wāti and her sister Meadow talk about their bond growing up together in the final episode.

The siblings behind a Māori musical theatre show

We sit down with the creators of Whakapaupakihi.

Foreshore and Seabed: an explainer on the biggest protest Aotearoa has seen

“The country was divided on the issue, as were the members in Government.”

Rangatahi react to eating kānga pirau (rotten corn) for the first time

“It looks like porridge but it doesn’t smell like it!”

‘Laughing helps’: @jordynwitha_why on combating racism with humour

“I thought music and comedy would be a great strategy to highlight and discuss issues like racism.”

The 3rd-fittest teen on earth, CrossFit champion Hikooterangi Curtis, shares how to stay healthy in…

He talks about what it was like to come home from such a high-energy kaupapa to MIQ.

Learn māuri tau mindful meditation with Te Aorangi | Mānawa Maiea te Atawhai | Ep 4

In this episode of Mānawa Maiea te Atawhai, we learn Māuri Tau, mindful meditation.

How Waiata Anthems helped these artists find te reo Māori

“My family really wanted to learn a lot more. And it kind of made the journey of learning the song so much more special” - Paige…

Two generations discuss their journeys with te reo Māori

Karen Leef and Joyce Kupe-Stephens sat down to to talk about their shared histories and struggles.

The woman who fought to say 'kia ora'

In 1984 Dame Rangimarie Naida Glavish was almost fired for saying 'kia ora'. We take a look at how her protest paved the way for Te…

Rangiora - the predominantly Pākehā town working to keep te reo Māori alive

According to the 2013 census, Rangiora is 92.7% Pākehā. Despite being one of NZ's whitest towns, they're taking amazing strides to preserve te reo and tikanga…

Why aren’t we all learning te reo Māori at school?

“We were getting phone calls, we were getting emails saying my kid’s not Māori, why are they doing this, save that for the Māori kids.”

Josie & T - Te Ao Māori

From Kapa Haka to being called Teriyaki in primary school, Josie & T kōrero about their experiences growing up in and around Māori culture.

Space Māori

Meet Dan Taipua AKA Robot Rakete AKA the Indigital Indigenous AKA the Hi-tech Half-caste AKA the Technical Tohunga. He's here to talk to you about a…

Alien Weaponry, the Waipu thrash metal band

Alien Weaponry are a thrash metal band with a difference: they don't just scream, they scream in Te Reo Māori.