66% of NZ students struggling to buy food, clothing and pay bills

On average, those living in a shared flat spend 56% of their weekly income on rent.

Parents are the fifth biggest home loan lenders in New Zealand

Parents are dishing out $22.6 billion in loans to adult children, according to Consumer NZ.

Rents in NZ have gone up 7% in just one year

The largest growth in median weekly rent has been in the Taranaki region, growing a whopping 18%.

The six-month Covid rent freeze ends today, but rents are already going up. A lot.

The six-month Covid rent freeze ends today, and some landlords are putting up rent as fast as possible. Others tried to illegally raise rents during the…

I got rejected from so many flats, I asked landlords what I was doing wrong

Advice from property managers and landlords on how to get that flat.

Students are refusing to pay rent for university accommodation they can’t use

Students at halls of residence across the country are being asked to continue to pay for accomodation they can’t access due to Covid-19 restrictions. Halls at…