Conversion therapy will be banned, with sentence of up to 5 years’ imprisonment

“There are so many people that will have their lives changed because of this.”

Brooke Van Velden on why she switched from Greens to ACT | Church and State

19-year-old musician and first-time voter Church talks to ACT's deputy leader, Brooke Van Velden.

I don't know anything about politics: what’s the deal with minor parties?

New Zealand has 14 registered political parties, can you name them all? I couldn’t.

I don’t know anything about politics: what do the parties stand for?

My feed's been spammed by so many political scandals I don’t know what each party stands for anymore

Meet the 25-year-old behind New Zealand's Covid fight

Tara Swadi is only 25 but she's the chief advisor for the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 response. The last two months have been... busy. She's looking…

New Zealanders seem to hate beneficiaries. Is there hope that Covid will change that?

Covid has meant nearly 40,000 people have accessed the jobseeker benefit, nearly half of them for the first time. One million New Zealanders have been given…

Covid-19 Live Updates: our last day at alert level 4

Check in here for the key, verified facts on how New Zealand is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. 1:00pm Monday 27 April - day 33 of lockdown,…

What life looks like at each of the Covid alert levels

New Zealand will move to alert level 3 at 11.59pm on Monday April 27. We’ve broken down what each alert level means, along with illustrations by…

It’s now legal for New Zealand companies to produce medicinal cannabis

New regulations passed yesterday define how New Zealand companies can grow, manufacture and sell medicinal cannabis. We spoke to three advocates of medicinal cannabis about their…

Should pets be allowed in all rental properties?

Having a pet can turn a house into a home, but many rental properties just won't allow them. Should renters in Aotearoa have the right to…

What's the deal with fluoride in New Zealand

Toothpastes brag about it, it's tricky to spell, and some people aren't happy about it being added to water supplies. Fluoride...who gets to decide?

Re:visit - Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer is a groundbreaking, fearless woman; never afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in ???

Global warming: Waiting for Pacific Islands to disappear

While our image is clean and green, our actions aren't following suit. All bar one of NZ's major political parties support the Zero Carbon Act but…