Native Animals

Tuatara may have the fastest sperm ever seen in reptiles, a study suggests.

Tuatara may have the fastest sperm ever seen in a reptile...

This man has spent 40 years looking for a probably extinct bird

We ask him about his beloved hobby he calls a “bong fix”.

Stop fkn tapping on the glass of kiwi enclosures, you're making them stressed

Surprise, surprise: new research has found visitor noise outside kiwi enclosures is no good.

Mystery continues over how female eagle rays got pregnant without any males

When Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox said “sisters are doin’ it for themselves,” perhaps they were imagining two female eagle rays at a New Zealand aquarium…

Project Janszoon

It's estimated 65,000 native birds are killed by invasive species every night. Take a look at the project making incredible progress in saving the native fauna…

Odd Jobs #2 - Stopping takahē incest

Yes, you read that right, this man works hard to stop takahē incest.