Music Industry

Tash Sultana on tour life and taking a chance on artists

"I'm having fun with my life, and I really like the person I've become."

Government provides extra funds for arts industry

The Government is boosting schemes, funds and will be providing grants to the arts industry.

Te Pāti Māori calls on Government to make relief funds available to arts industry

Te Pāti Māori co-Leader Rawiri Waititi says the Government needs to act immediately.

No wage subsidy for artists during red: 'Frightening and stressful'

Now that Aotearoa is in the Red traffic light setting, the arts industry has come to a grinding halt with events of more than 100 people…

Group exposing allegations of abuse in the music industry threatened with legal action

Beneath The Glass Ceiling has been told to delete their entire Instagram account or else face court.

Stirfryboyz x Taebz share a song for your next late-night drive through the city

Re: chats with the boyz about their new song and music video ‘Metropolis.’

Meet the mind behind Aldous Harding's weirdest music videos

We talked to Martin about the weird and wonderful reality they and Aldous are creating through music

Pacific Heights, CHAII and Kings’ new track is for driving around the city at night

'405' is a track about extreme wealth and poverty, the best way to listen is to go for a drive.

Exclusive: Paige shares her new music video and why she loves South Auckland

We premiere Paige's music video for 'Waves', and hear why she has big love for South Auckland.

NZ music festivals have no excuse for lack of gender diversity

The usual defences of lack of supply or lack of demand for non-male acts don't cut it anymore.

Sound Check: HIGH HØØPS on how NZ music can emerge stronger from Covid

The music industry is suffering, but it might emerge from this pandemic stronger than before.


His parents gave him a year to make his music work, and now Thomston is moving to LA with 60 million on Spotify streams to his…


Meet TONE6: the teens whose harmonies are straight out of heaven

University of Drum and Bass

Partying and Castle Street go together like pizza and beer, Drum and Bass. Welcome to Dunedin's thriving music scene, brought to you by the infamous scarfies…

Possum Plows - Openside

From belting out tunes while shooting hoops to opening for Ellie Goulding and Panic! At the Disco - Possum from Openside sure has come a long…